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A Trick of the Tale

by S.E. Shepherd
February 19, 2001

A Trick of the Tale_S.E. Shepherd-Poem. Well, she knows
that the flower
in her vase
came from a
with a crooked
nose, but
a broken heart,
So she stands by
the window to wait
for his kiss.
But she doesn't
realize that he's
already been
someone had
stolen his watch.
So he gets on
his half-drunken
horse, and bids
all a goodnight
(though he's
said it before),
and rides his
horse backwards,
so she can get
a better view
of him as he
rides away.
And all the while
she wonders if
the weather
will hold out.

About the Author:
S.E. Shepherd is the greatest living poet the Partial Obsever has ever published.

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