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One Tree

by R.G. Trepanier
July 6, 2004

One Tree
holding its branches
relieved of its burden of snow and ice
barren, ugly, unmovable, plain
existing - on what?
Does it dwell on the past -
remember last year and other years
when it had leaves, fruit, warmth, rain...
when it was so cold that the branches just snapped off
and it just stood there helpless, lifeless?
Does it wish for change?

One tree
surrounded by
brown houses
brown grass
cement walks
asphalt streets
parked cars
other trees
viewing a whirlwind of activities it can only watch
and not take part in.

One tree
seemingly dead, lifeless on the outside
yet a living, growing, complex structure of activity within

One tree
waiting for the stimulus
given at the right time
that will cause it to move, strain, grow
and in its excitement turn green at the ends
and dress itself in formal attire as a
celebration of joy! and new life.

One life

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