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Semolina Pilchard, Climbing up the Eiffel Tower
Trying to make sense of John Lennon’s nonsense.

by Dr. Spin
August 9, 2004

Dear Dr. Spin,
What the heck is “I Am the Walrus” all about?
Confused Listener
Dear CL,
It’s quite simple, as singer John Lennon explains in the chorus; he is the eggman. No, wait, “they” are the eggmen; he is the walrus, coo-coo-ka-joo!
Actually “I Am The Walrus” is intentionally about nothing. Lennon, tried of people trying to find the “meaning” in so many of his songs (“Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds…L-S-D; it must be about Acid! And “Norwegian Wood”…is that a marijuana reference?), decided to write a song with the craziest lyrics he could think of, and effectively said, “There! Analyze that!” As bizarre as the lyrics are, “I Am The Walrus” is still quite a catchy tune, proving that even stoned, the Beatles were still capable of writing good songs.
I would like to know what the song is called for the Mitsubishi Clot advert, the one with the car underwater. Any ideas?
Dear Commercial Freak,
As much as I enjoy getting letters, I’m really tired of the Mitsubishi car commercial ad questions. Nevertheless, I will answer yours. First off, it’s the Mitsubishi COLT, not “Clot.” (I’m sure the Mitsubishi Company would be aghast if people started showing up at dealers to buy a “clot.”). Second, the Colt is not sold in America, so I have not seen this commercial, so I really don’t know what you’re talking about. Third and finally, according to the limited research I’m willing to put into this, the song is “The Switch” by Planet Funk. Now go out and buy it (the song or the car).

Spin Dude,
Where can I find a copy of the theme for the Drew Carey show, “Cleveland Rocks?”
Dog-Pound Dan
Dear DPD,
That version of “Cleveland Rocks” can be found on the Drew Carey Soundtrack CD. It is done by the Presidents of the United States of America (of “Lump” fame). However, it is actually a cover tune; the original “Cleveland Rocks was done by Ian Hunter, of Mott the Hoople fame. You can hear his version on his Greatest Hits album.

About the Author:
Dr. Spin always thought the lyric was sibalide blichard, climbing up the Eiffel Tower until he looked it up. Now it all makes perfect sense...

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