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Idiot Savant: A Young Man's Journey
A poem.

by S.E. Shepherd
September 26, 2004

Idiot Savant: A Young Man's Journey_S.E. Shepherd-A Poem
My old man told me long ago,
That I was special, I was gonna go far.
So I packed up all my bags,
And headed down the open road.
The first car that stopped for me
Was a brightly colored van,
With a hippie named Fred,
And a dog named Charlie.
Charlie had told his name to Fred in a dream.
Fred tried to tell me about life
He spoke about love, he told me about carmel,
I asked if I could have bite,
And he left me on the open road.
The next car that stopped for me
Had a pretty young girl.
She said her name was Summer,
But she looked like Autumn.
She was headed out West to become a star.
She laughed and said I was sweet,
She talked about love, I told her about carmel.
She said I was not too bright,
So I left her on the open road.
The station wagon passed me by,
A family stared at me,
A father and a mother
And a couple of children,
They were on vacation, escaping city life.
I guess they were all right,
They had plenty of food; and maybe some carmel.
I watched with the stars all night,
As I headed down the road.
After one week, I got too far,
I took a look around and knew
I couldn’t get much further.
I met a motorcycle man,
Who said his name was Stan, and he gave me a ride.
Stan stopped at a bus stop,
He dropped me off, and wished me luck.
I called and talked to my dad,
He said it was time to come home.
Before I boarded the bus,
I got myself food, and a little bit of carmel.
I knew my dad was right;
It was time to come home.

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