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Gabba Gabba Hey
Remembering the Ramones.

by Dr. Spin
September 20, 2004

Though it is becoming more common for aging rock bands to loose members to cancer, a lifetime of over-indulgence, and even the inability to overcome a life-long drug addiction, no band has been more devastated than the Ramones. Beginning with the death of lead singer Joey in 2001, three out of four of the original members have succumbed to their final concert, with Dee Dee overdosing in 2002, and Johnny passing away just last week. The new millennium has not been kind to the Ramones.
The Ramones were not related, but decided to adopt the common last name Ramone for band unity. My fellow Partial Observer, James Leroy Wilson, wrote a fitting tribute to both Joey Ramone and the rest of the band, when he passed in 2001. To talk about the Ramones’ contributions to Rock, would be to repeat a lot of what he said, so I will not do that here.
Yet, it would be unfair to not recognize the passing of Johnny Ramone and the rest of the Ramones without some sort of tribute. The Ramones helped shake Rock out of the doldrums and over-production it was heavily seeped in during the late 70’s; they were a key band in the Punk movement. We’re it not for the Ramones, we would not have such classics as “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School,” “Teenage Lobotomy,” “I Wanna Be Sedated” and “Blitzkrieg Bob” with it’s famous “Hey! Ho! Let’s Go!” Gabba Gabba Hey!
Dr. Spin,

There was an older Mitsubishi commercial where a man is trying to get to the church to stop a wedding before it happens.  He gets stopped by a train, screams in frustration, etc.  Do you know the name and artist of the song played in that commercial?

Dear ML,
Actually it was a Volkswagen Jetta commercial, a la “The Graduate.” The song is called “Jung at Heart” by Master Cylinder. Am I good or what?

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Dr. Spin apparently watches too much TV, as well as listen to too much music.

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