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Candy Is Dandy... Unless it's Shaped Like Road Kill
Kraft Foods' new treat is not PC.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
February 27, 2005

Gummi. A snack for a generation. It started with worms and has grown to include bears, tigers, sharks, tarantulas, crocodiles, pet rats and army guys. But some are saying the Kraft Food Company has gone too far with their new release. Road kill gummi critters. That’s right. Chickens, squirrels and snakes equipped with tire treads.

Enter the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). Spokespersons for the society say that this new candy sends the wrong message to children. The SPCA in New Jersey claims that the candy gives the idea that it is OK to harm animals.

And if the attack on the candy wasn’t enough, Kraft was attacked for the web based promotion of the candy, which included headlights of cars with animals. OK, maybe that went too far, but we’ll never know. The promotion has been pulled from the web site in order to pacify the SPCA. Of course, it didn’t make the opposition happy. The SPCA is now planning a letter writing, phone call campaign and possible boycott of Kraft.

Good grief! I’m beginning to think that some of these groups have nothing better to do. And speaking of other groups, where is PETA in this discussion? They should have been objecting to gummi any critters from the beginning.
Now there are some positive things being done by these groups or at least with their support. I watch Animal Planet. I see the good that the animal police do in protecting cats, dogs and the like. Saving the little fellows from the abusive owners. Good. That’s a job worth doing. But attacking gummi squirrels?

And I can remember when the SPCA focused on the important issues surrounding animal cruelty. Like when LBJ held up his pet beagle by the ears.

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Mr. Moo wouldn’t complain if they came up with Gummi Moos.

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