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E-Mailman, Bring Me No Blues
Dr. Spin answers a plethora of reader letters.

by Dr. Spin
March 7, 2005

Dear Dr. Spin,

Can you make sense of the lyric "Obla dee, obla dah, life goes on..."?

Sincerely, Obla Doh!
Dear Doh!
No, I can’t.

Dear Dr. Spin,

What are your thoughts on electronic music, such as Progressive House, Techno, Trance, etc. While lacking the organic soul of say, Rock ‘n’ Roll, I think if you listen to the music closely, you will notice the abstract, complex rhythms and progressions. Any thoughts on the genre as a whole? Do you enjoy clubbing?


DJ Raza
Dear Raza,
I think all forms of music, done well, have merit. I am not one for clubbing, so I am not a big fan of the genre. I think most techno, trance or whatever appeals to some very basic and base needs of the human soul, that is, the rhythmic beat which entices us to dance. Those of us that don’t know how to dance or fear public displays of dance, lest we seem awkward and uncoordinated, usually find techno less appealing and generally dismiss the genre as a whole.
My knowledge of the techno scene is very limited, but I am not so close minded as to write it off completely. The problem listeners like me have with most techno, is that the music starts out interesting, but never goes anywhere; we get bored with it. Techno is a niche market, and while I can appreciate it on a certain level, it is not something I listen to on a regular basis.

Hi Dr. Spin!   
I have an inquiry about my two favorite girl groups of all time TLC and Destiny's Child.  Do you know if any of the groups will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or at least nominated for some kind of prestigious award? They are the two most successful female groups ever and I would like to know if they will receive any kind of honors for selling records.  Thanx!
Dear Thanx,
The main criteria for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame is to be a recording artist for over 25 years, so it will be a while before either receives that award. Technically, both bands are R&B artists, so they really shouldn’t be in the Rock Hall of Fame, but that seems to matter little to whoever chooses the inductees.
I believe both TLC and Destiny’s Child have won at least a Grammy, but like Dear Jon, I do not have time to look that up.

I have another car commercial question for you (your favorite). Led Zeppelin on a Cadillac commercial was bad enough, but now Aerosmith on a Buick commercial? Buick doesn't sell cars to rock 'n rollers, or even to baby boomers. They sell cars to people with AARP cards and fedoras. Where will the madness end? Marilyn Manson pitching Lincolns?

Dear Jim,
Buick long ago started to try to appeal to the younger generation, that’s why they had Tiger Woods endorsing their product.
Years ago, we used to make fun of how many songs from my mom’s generation were being used in TV commercials. Then slowly but surely more and more rock songs started popping up in commercials. In the early eighties the Rolling Stones were the first major rock act to allow corporate sponsorship of their tours. That opened the floodgates to the mass use of Rock music to commercials.
And is it really a stretch? Aren’t all the members of Aerosmith old enough to card carriers for the AARP? Paul McCartney’s awfully close to find out if his predictions of “When I’m Sixty-Four” come true.
I’m afraid there is no end to the madness; this was confirmed when I heard Devo’s “Whip It” altered to sell Swifter®. I know Devo was a one-hit wonder, but dusting products? When Marilyn Manson’s “Beautiful People” is used to sell make-up products, or Metallica’s “Sandman” is used for sleeping aids, you’ll know commercial executives have gone too far.

Is AC/DC making a new album called "Thunder From Down Under"? I read this in a Metal Edge magazine, and wanted to know if it is true. You're the only one I know to ask.
Dear AC/DC fan,
I have not seen this mentioned in what I would call the more “reliable” sources such as MTV or Rolling Stone magazine, although they are not the only aging band rumored to be releasing a new album. The Who were believed to be working on a new studio album right before John Entwhislte’s death. That album is also suppose to be released in 2005. I can neither confirm nor deny AC/DC is making a new album, I can only say Metal Edge magazine probably has better resources than I do.

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