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Celebrities on Trial
Or does the trial make a celebrity?

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
March 13, 2005

What is it about the bizarre that attracts so many Americans to their TV sets day after day? Many years back, the world sat glued as Johnny Cochran uttered that classic line, "If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit." The white Blazer freeway "chase" with O.J. Simpson inside was a bizarre sight. (I always wondered what would have happened if the police would have sped up and pulled them over.) But the country was watching.

Then we had Mike Tyson. Here is a seriously disturbed human being. Tyson is known more for his rapes, beatings and his even more bizarre eating habits of his opponent’s ear. Didn’t this guy used to be a boxer? But we had to watch.

Now the cases of 2004 and 2005. Robert Blake’s case no one seems to care. Most people couldn’t tell you what shows Blake has appeared in.

And here is a twist a nobody turned into a celebrity. Scott Peterson. No one had ever heard of this philandering scum sucker until he killed his wife and pre-born son. Now he is even asking for a new trial. Personally, I think if he should ask for the same jury that was in court for O. J, he would be sure to get off.

Don’t forget about Kobe Bryant and his walk on the wild side in a hotel in Eagle, Colorado. I know, the civil case was settled out of court. What is to settle if you did nothing wrong? Actually, the attitude of Bill Clinton ("I did it because I could.") should never apply in life but it all to often does.

And most recently, the trial of Michael Jackson.

We watch TV and it is the lead story. Front page of the newspaper. Best jokes of Leno’s monologue, he wrote some of them and until recently, he couldn’t even tell ‘em. What do people talk about at the water cooler at work? MJ. But yet society tunes in. It’s like Jerry Springer show and the People’s Court were morphed together behind the scenes. It’s Crummy News Network, Fox Snooze, and PMSNBC’s wildest dream. Junk news.

This past week, we were privy to see MJ in his PJ’s. A sport jacket and dress shirt with pajama pants. That is one picture I could have lived a lifetime or two without seeing. What in the name of blind justice is going on in this society?

I guess the thing that I don’t get is that these and other Bozo’s like them still have women wooing all over them. Don’t these women have any self respect? And if this is the type of guy they desire, what type of example of the male gender did they have at home?

All I know is that if I was accused of half of what these guys were, I would shunned by society and locked up between trial dates. No one would be writing me love letters in jail or screaming my name in admiration as I entered the courtroom. But at least my provided orange shirt would match my orange pants.

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Mr. Moo will not be watching. He has decided to watch intellegent television. When is wrestling on again?

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