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An End to the Madness
Dr. Spin answers his final car commercial question

by Dr. Spin
April 4, 2005

Dear Dr. Spin,

Can you tell me who does the song in the Mitsubishi commercial with the lyrics - "I wish I'd known what I know now, when I was younger ..."?

I want to buy the music ‘cause I really like the song but I don't know who did that version. Someone said Rod Stewart did a version of it too but they couldn't remember the name of the song.

Thanks so much,

Dear Beth,

No I can’t. But I’ve found someone who can!

Read below…

Not a question, but a comment, Mitsubishi does list all the songs they play in their commercials at

My next car may be a Mitsubishi for the music they play. In some cases, it shows a fair amount of guts.

Dear anonymous Mitsubishi fan,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

No longer will I be plagued by questions about Mitsubishi commercials! Readers, if you want to know about a certain song used in a Mitsubishi commercial got to the above site. And if you want to know about Volkswagen, Chrysler, or any other car brand, look it up on Google yourselves!

Personally, I wouldn’t buy a car just for the music they play in their commercials. I would go for the more practical reasons, such as gas mileage, reliability, and whether or not I looked cool driving it. But that’s just me.
If people want to vote for their favorite artists that have been overlooked by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - they can vote at:

What are your top 5 artists that have been overlooked?
So far on my poll:
1. Pete Townshend (solo)
2. Peter Gabriel (solo)
3. Van Halen
4. Lynyrd Skynyrd
5. Genesis

Dear Hall of Fame Pollster,

I think you have a pretty good list; most people would be hard pressed to argue with your choices.

I, however, like to create controversy, so I will pick five artists that I really think deserve to be in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, though not everyone would agree with me.
  1. The Monkees – Yeah, they were “created” by some TV show producers, but when the Monkees finally balked at their pre-fabricated hit machine and stuck out on their own, they were still surprisingly good. Their material compares favorably to a lot of their peers. But I fear they’re the “Shoeless Joe Jackson” of the R & R Hall of Fame.
  2. The Ventures – Originators of the surf rock sound, the Ventures created some of the coolest instrumentals ever recorded, including their smash, “Walk, Don’t Run.” They did a lot of cover tunes too, but the Ventures were still one of the best guitar bands ever.
  3. INXS – They were U2’s biggest rivals in the ‘80’s, and with good reason. Their lyrics may not have had the soul-searching depth of Bono, but INXS had the funk and catchy tunes that made you want to groove.
  4. Yes – You picked Genesis, I picked Yes.
  5. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – The American version of John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Paul Butterfield’s band never quite got the same recognition, Maybe because Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop never got as well known as Eric Clapton.

Well that’s my five. I’m sure I’ll hear from others. Maybe the PO’s editor will make that our next reader’s poll?

About the Author:
Dr. Spin still feels the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame is superflous and irrelavent

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