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Suicide Blond
Did Kurt Cobain leave clues in his lyrics?

by Dr. Spin
April 18, 2005

Dr Spin,

As for the We're Gonna Groove song from Ben E King, check this link out! [Windows Media Audio file]


P.S.... Listen to OUR version,

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Dear TI,
Thank you for solving the mystery. For readers not familiar, a while back I had someone write to me looking for all the original versions of every song Led Zeppelin covered. This person was having trouble finding "We're Gonna Groove," which was released on their final album CODA, and credited as co-written by Ben E, King. Apparently Zep got the title wrong, as the song is listed as "Groovin'" this particular Ben E. King greatest hits package.
Dr Spin,

Any messages in Kurt Cobain's Music? Any linked to the mystery of his suicide? Thanks.

Dear Val,
I am not a huge Nirvana fan, so I have not scrutinized the content of Kurt Cobain's lyrics. I do know that he was bothered by the increasing popularity of his band, particularly by the type of people that used to pick on him when he was an unpopular high school student.
One song I have listened to carefully is "All Apologies." If Cobain based this song on his marriage to Courtney Love, then clearly his relationship to his wife was unhappy and could be seen as a contributing factor to his suicide. By saying this I am not blaming Love for his death; Cobain's lyrics were often dark and depressing, and while some artists use music as therapy, whatever was bothering Kurt Cobain ran much deeper.
It is very hard to determine what led to any suicide, or if there were clues left behind, especially by famous musicians. I cannot help but think of INXS' lead singer Michael Hutchence. While Hutchence and Cobain were as different as their respective bands, yet both committed suicide seemingly out of the blue. Granted, INXS was not as popular at Hutchence's death as Nirvana was when Cobain died. Still, INXS had just released a new album and had begun touring again. Hutchence was also a new father; he should have had plenty of reasons to live.
Obviously both men suffered from a depression where they felt suicide was the only answer. Despite their wealth, fame, and popularity, they were unable to overcome personal demons that led them to this conclusion. It is hard for us to fathom why a person with so much and so much talent to reach people would want to take his own life. Conspirators like to think their was some sort of foul play behind Cobain's death, but that's because they have a hard time facing the truth; Kurt Cobain got to a point where he believed death was a better option than life.
We would like to believe that all suicides leave behind clues; that if we just look closer we would see the obvious signs. This is especially true with musicians like Cobain and Hutchence, who clearly were trying to communicate something through their lyrics. But even with the angst-filled lyrics of Cobain, who could guess that his life would end in suicide? The answers to his death remain locked inside him.

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