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Dr. Spin expresses a few of his own thoughts

by Dr. Spin
August 22, 2005

Having no specific topic to cover a whole article this week, I have decided to toss out some random thoughts I've had on music recently.

Critics are hailing the Rolling Stones' newest album, Bigger Bang, as their best in years. The Stones are a lot more edgy this time around, even getting political with a tune called "Sweet Neo Con." What is it about the Bush administration? There hasn't been as much protest music from popular bands since Nixon. And when the Stones feel obligated to write a protest song about you, that's really saying something.

Speaking of the Stones, Dr. Spin has been trying to form a fantasy "super group" with "forgotten" band members of 70's biggest acts. So far I have Denny Laine of Wings and Mick Taylor of the Stones. Both Laine and Taylor have flown surprisingly low on the radar since their seventies heydays (they have both released relatively ignored solo material since). I don't if they would make a good or even interesting band together, but it's something my mind likes to play with every now and then. Anyone care to round out the group? Maybe Kenny Jones (of the Faces and the Who fame) as the drummer, and Pete Quaife (of the Kinks) as bassist?

And while we're on the subject of "what ever happened to?" Fiona Apple seems to be finally ready to release a new album, or at least she's released a new "exclusive" single for iTunes. Fans of Apple (the singer, not the computer company) have been waiting six years for the follow-up to When the Pawn...

Well enough about what I've been thinking, let's see what's on your minds...

Dr Spin,

Can you find the name of the song in "The Watcher", the Keanu Reeves movie, when the girl hits Keanu with the radio?

Thank You

Dear Carla,

I have not seen "The Watcher," nor do I have any desire to, so I cannot identify the song, though I'm sure it had some sort of ironic twist to the scene. Perhaps on of my readers can fill us in.

Dr Spin,

Are you high? Bon Jovi is not, has never been, and never will be Heavy Metal.

Dear Heavy Metal Snob,

No, I'm not high, but thanks for asking. I don't recall ever calling Bon Jovi a heavy metal band, however, they were one of the great "hair bands" of the ‘80's. "Heavy Metal" as a music genre has such a broad definition it's almost as bad as Rock itself.

There are those that would classify Bon Jovi as "heavy metal" and those that would classify it as "hard rock." Some would classify them as "crap," but Dr. Spin is not one of them.
Dr Spin,
After reading you comments on Semolina Pilchard I thought your readers might find it interesting to note that Pilchard was also the name of the officer who busted John and Yoko for drugs.

Dear Beatle Person,

I did not know that, but I believe John Lennon wrote "I Am the Walrus" before he and Yoko Ono were arrested for drug possession.

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Dr. Spin realizes he should keep his super group fantasies to himself.

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