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An Eclectic Group of Letters
Dr. Spin answers questions on Gospel music, jam bands and more.

by Dr. Spin
December 26, 2005

Dr Spin,
Where can I find a copy of Truth's Emanuel?

Dear Gin,

After a quick look on, I was able to find You Are Emmanuel by Truth. I assume this is what you are looking for; currently it is out of print. Your best bet is to look for it on eBay, or buy a used copy through Amazon. Good luck.

Dr Spin,

There are a couple kinds of bands that seem to have all but died out.  These include eclectic bands and jam bands.  Perhaps some of the last "big" eclectic bands were Blood Sweat & Tears and Carlos Santana's band.  And after Phish, we haven't really seen all that many jam bands.  Is this a naive belief, and I just am not looking hard enough, or am I right?  If I'm right, what happened?

- Shades (Dave B.)

Dear Shades,

I'm not sure what you mean by eclectic; Carlos Santana is still going strong, and there are quite a few bands that I would classify as "eclectic." Because their music is eclectic, it doesn't get as much airplay; most radio stations are looking for a specific format. This doesn't mean it doesn't exist, it's just harder to find,

Most people classify the Dave Matthews Band as a jam band, and I would say they have quite an eclectic sound as well. The jam bands and eclectic bands are there; maybe you just don't like the newer ones, and therefore don't recognize them.

Dr Spin,

What is that song they use now that goes, "I'm the kinda guy that laughs and funerals… I have a tendency to wear my mind on my sleeve, and I have a history of loosing my shirt?"

Dear Anonymous,

I'm not sure who "they" are, but the song you're referring to is "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies.

Dr Spin,
How could you write about attractive female rockers and fail to mention Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart? And although I wouldn't classify her as a "rock" singer, have you seen Madonna's latest video? Talk about aging well - women who are almost 50 don't look like that where I live!


Dear Jim,

Well, it's obvious you don't live in Beverly Hills.

At the risk of encouraging dozens of "what about?" e-mails, I will concede Ann and Nancy Wilson of heart and even Linda Ronstadt; however Madonna, while physically fit and generally slutty for most of her career, is just too annoying to be attractive.

And while we're on the subject (again), Annie Lennox is another example of a woman with a great voice but quite as attractive, even when she isn't sporting the "butch" look; she's just too freaky. Bjork is an attractive woman who is also a bit too freaky, and as for her voice and music, well…I'm just not that avant-garde.

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Dr. Spin wonders if there ever was an all-female jam band...

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