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What is the job of a City Council member?
Iowa member reprimanded for practicing and teaching Constitutional rights.

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
April 16, 2006

Imagine you are serving as a City Council member and you know that a citizen in your town doesn't know their rights. You decide that everyone should know their rights and not be forced by government to relinquish them.
If you can imagine that, you understand Fairfield, Iowa City Council member Christy Welty. Christy takes her role as a council member very seriously. She also takes her role as a state chair of the Libertarian party seriously. Libertarians around the country realize that the number one thing they have to do is to teach others about their rights. Christy has recently caught flack because she tried to teach a city citizen her rights.
The citizen tenant had heard that she would not have to agree to a city inspection. The tenant contacted city hall, spoke with her landlord and posted signs expressing her wishes not to be inspected. When the tenant calls Council Member Welty and Welty agreed to help, the proverbial political/governmental dodo hit the fan of personal rights.
At the point when the inspector showed up (after the request to not be inspected was ignored by city hall) Welty told the inspector that he could not charge for a no-show when permission to inspect had been denied. The inspector whined to the city administrator and Welty got called under the carpet for standing up for the citizen. The administrator said that Welty's actions were "an attempt to subvert policy of city council". I guess the administrator believes that city council policy supersedes individual rights in Fairfield. He isn't alone. Many governmental employees and elected officials feel that individual rights are a thing of the past. Thank God there are a few elected officials like Christy Welty that know individual rights are still in existence.
Any way we can get Ms. Welty in Washington? Or at least 51 like her?

About the Author:
Mr. Moo has to wonder why common sense officials like Christy Welty aren’t landslide winners in every election. Maybe it’s because common sense is not too common.

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