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Please Forward to Everyone You Know
Fun facts you might not know.

by James Leroy Wilson
June 13, 2001

Please Forward to Everyone You Know_James Leroy Wilson-Fun facts you might not know. DID YOU KNOW

- the Frank Baum novel "The Wizard of Oz" has been made into a movie?

- the Beatles have broken up?

- our 43rd President George W. Bush not only is a near identical namesake to the 41st President George H.W. Bush, but that he's also his son?

- this July 4 will mark the 25th anniversary of our nation's bicentennial?

- Man has walked on the moon?

- Michael Jordan, though an avid golfer who has also played professional baseball, achieved his greatest sports success playing basketball?

- Elizabeth Taylor was once a major motion picture star?

- As was Jane Fonda?

- Unless otherwise stated, cola soda drinks probably have caffeine?

- Habitual smoking of tobacco products is hazardous to your health?

- Dustin Hoffman never appeared in Star Wars?

-That if it's on the Internet, it must be true?

- Sean Connery was the silver screen's first James Bond?

- The Super Bowl is usually the year's highest rated television broadcast?

- That "To be or not to be" was written by Shakespeare, and is not in the Bible?

- Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt were distantly related?

- George Washington is regarded as the Father of Our Country?

- For a right triangle, the square of the hypotenuse (the longest side) equals the sum of the squares of the other two sides?

- The symbol for the element hydrogen is H?

- The symbol for oxygen is O?

- Ted Williams never won a World Series?

- The theory of relativity was originally conceived by Albert Einstein?

- The capital of Louisiana is Baton Rouge?

- Great Britain, though part of the European Union, is not actually attached to Europe, but is divided from it by the English Channel?

- That the light bulb was invented by Thomas Edison or somone working for him?

-That Benjamin Franklin would bring laughter during tense moments of the Continental Congress by doing a dead-on impression of Julia Child?

-That Lakers coach Phil Jackson prefers being addressed as "God Most High" as opposed to "God Almightly," "I AM" or even "THE LORD?"

-That extra-terrestrials receiving our broadcast transmissions prefer "Becker" over "Cheers?"

-The Monroe Doctrine was revised during the Kennedy administration?

-That "turn off your tv" week never takes place during football season?

-That despite their age difference, Hugh Hefner almost always out-sleazes Mick Jagger?

-That Reggie Jackson earned the nickname "Mr. October" for five World Series titles with two different teams in the 70's?

-That once my friends get married, they might as well disappear off the face of the earth, that's how often I see them?

-That irony and satire are spoiled if one employs the smiley face emoticon?

-That the 38-year holder of American sport's most famous record, i.e. major league baseball's longtime home run record holder Roger Maris, isn't famous enough to be in his own sport's Hall of Fame?

-That if God really does lean a little on the side of the Lees of Virginia, God sure did blow it at Gettysburg?

-That during the summertime, it gets pretty darn hot in Phoenix, Arizona?

-That I know of lots of people who have lived and died, and were never famous, not even for just 15 minutes?

-Labatt's, yep, that's a pretty good beer.

-That whereas Mickey Mouse cartoons were produced by Disney, Bugs Bunny cartoons were produced by Warner Brothers?

-That no one under the age of 29 has a clue who Robert Blake is?

-That Elvis Presley is dead, probably?

If you found any of this inspiring, illuminating, or fascinating, please forward to everyone in your address book. I guarantee, they'll appreciate it.

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