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A Gift Idea for Mother's Day
A Gift that is a Cut Above

by Richard 'Mr. Moo' Moore
May 14, 2006

Mom always told me that I didn't need to get her anything for Mother's day. I knew what that meant. It's like there are four of us at the table and there were only three pieces of cake left. "Oh, you go ahead guys. I don't want any." But lately, I think Mom would be happy with a phone call and a card or personal note telling how I felt.
But some places in the world, Mom's are getting something different. In South Korea, Monday is Parents' Day. For some Koreans, the gifts are the same. A nice card. A nice personal note. A bouquet of flowers. But for some "lucky" parents, the gift is a cut above. Literally.
One of the most popular gifts is plastic surgery. Oh, yeah. It seems as though for years parents have been giving their graduating students plastic surgery as a grad gift. Now the kids are returning the gift, so to speak.
It seems as though that plastic surgery is a common practice in order to help Koreans look, well, not so Korean. Popular choices are surgery to change the shape of their noses, slimming of calves and to round out the eyes. For this year the most popular treatments include the ever popular face lift and hair transplant and the relatively new treatments with Botox.
But don't bother trying to book the appointment now. Word is that the clinics that specialize in these surgeries have been booked for weeks. Maybe you can schedule ahead for next year.
Whew, I'm glad my Mom is happy with a phone call and flowers.

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Mr. Moo may not be much to look at but please tell my calves that there is no need to schedule surgery.

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