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The Donkey King's Temper Tantrum
Questioning Clinton's right to criticize.

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
September 29, 2006

The Donkey King’s Temper Tantrum_Greg Asimakoupoulos-Questioning Clinton’s right to criticize Temper, temper, Mr. Clinton.
Look at how you lost your cool.
Donkey King, you were a jackass.
Kicking foxes? What a mule!

Temper, temper, Mr. Clinton.
Who are you to come unglued?
Ms. Lewinski had your focus,
not that tall bin-Laden dude

Temper, temper, Mr. Clinton.
You who call the kettle black
You who stir the stew of rancor
bubbling about Iraq.

Temper, temper, Mr. Clinton.
Tantrums like you just displayed
cause us to reveal your foibles
and discount your pious bray.

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