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Could Another March Madness Be Upon Us?
Will the 2008 race be determined even earlier?

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
March 18, 2007

Iowa for the Hawkeye Caucii, then New Hampshire for the first in the nation primary. That's the way campaign life has been for ever, it seems. But the move is underway to minimize the importance and influence of these two states.
The talk has been going on for years. The whining states that have held their primary in April or May are getting left out. Yes, I said whining. Let's have a national primary they say. Let's rotate the schedule for a regional race, they say. Why should two states that don't matter get all of the attention, they say.
Whine, whine, whine. Would you like a little cheese with your whine, sir?
The national parties have even protected Iowa and New Hampshire. Why? I don't know. It's not like we are the big bully and poor little California is getting picked on.
For the Iowa perspective, I love it. And it is good for the economy. I get to go toe to toe with any presidential hopeful I want. I can ask anything I want. Especailly the important things, like fashion. Heck, in Fall of 1999, I asked then Gov. George W. Bush, why he would come to Iowa in a suit just to meet folks at an ice crème social on a college campus. I was in jeans and cowboy boots and I told him he be better off to campaign elsewhere with a suit and hang out in boots and jeans here in Iowa. He agreed the casual look would work better and took off his jacket and tie for the rest of the event.
But I digress.
A big drawing card for me in living in Iowa is the opportunity for press flesh with the next president. And after the storms of this year, it sure ain't the weather.
But now the big states are trying to take away our little bit of glory. California is moving their primary into early February. The Governator signed the bill just this week. Other biggies, like New York are threatening to do the same.
Now it seems as though the whining is stopping and the big states are taking matters into their own hands. If the big states want to pick on someone, let them pick on somebody their own size. Leave Iowa alone. It's a true purple state so in that regards , we are as American as they come.
If the big states move their primary to February or March, the nomination for both parties could be over by April Fools Day 2008.
Mmm, at least that would be appropriate.

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