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Mick, Buffett, and Me
A sailor's journey is for a lifetime...

by Larry Slay
May 2, 2007

I grew up as a nomad. My nomadic young years instilled in me the love of the smell of fresh water as well as salt water... especially salt water. I guess that is where Buffett and I got to know each other. You see Jimmy Buffett would write  and then put his words into songs... which would touch me. Jimmy grew up along the Gulf Coast and so did I. He wrote songs about his life in non-pretentious terms. Before Jimmy, my hero was Mick Jagger. Unlike Mick, Jimmy wrote and sang songs, which brought up the Gulf Coast mud, sand and sunshine, which lay in my Caribbean soul.

Mick sang about the gritty streets of
London but Jimmy sang about an Island where there was always sunshine. Since I had been born and raised in the world of Buffett, the Gulf Coast, I gravitated to his songs more than to the songs of The Rolling Stones.
Of course in my young nomadic years Mick and the Stones built a fire in me when they sang "Street Fighting Man" but the ebb and flow of Buffet's "A Pirate Looks at Forty" seemed to dull my street fighting edge. When this pirate began to look past forty and beyond, he came to realize that, his street fighting days were past. Oh, it was quite an emotional shock to find out the truth - age changes many things. Of course, the undercurrent of the street fighting man is still there, and so is the pirate, but the pirate and the street fighting man have to look at forty and beyond.

The life of a sailor steers a wandering course but in the end, the course of the sailor is based on the stars above, so it shall ever be with Mick, Buffett and me. Mick, tomorrow night I will be with you on the streets of old
London town but today, as the sun sinks below the horizon, I will be smoking some Mobile Bay oysters in this one particular harbor I know…

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