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Methamphetamine and The Mexican Connection
The Chinese are involved as well.

by Michael H. Thomson
May 9, 2007

Methamphetamine is one of the most addictive illegal drugs. The United States is in the midst of a "meth" epidemic. How many times in your local paper or on your TV news have you heard of a "meth" lab being raided near your home? Methamphetamine is bringing untold tragedy into the lives of countless families in the United States. It is leaving its victims in many cases brain damaged – or worse yet – dead. You can recover from "meth" addiction, but it is very difficult compared to other drugs.
When I hear of billionaire George Soros and others advocating the legalization of drugs, I wonder how he would like his children or grandchildren to have their brains rot from addiction to methamphetamine. Soros and others like him deserve the worst kind of hell - of course, that's another article.
Methamphetamine can be produced at home. You've probably noticed during this allergy season that some of your favorite over-the-counter remedies are harder to obtain. Mom and pop labs in rural areas stretching from Texas to Wisconsin and in urban garages are cooking "meth" as I write this. Procurers are artfully shopping for ingredients that include allergy and cold medications, which contain ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. Lye, battery acid, lantern fuel, and antifreeze frequently go into the mix as well. The profit motive for taking the risk to produce this "yummy" stuff is great. An ounce of high quality methamphetamine – or 100 hits – can sell for as much as $1500.
For a while, the federal government and local governments were starting to make headway in their fight against methamphetamine production. Laws were passed that limited the amount of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine based over-the-counter drugs that could be purchased from pharmacies or grocery stores. Then the Mexicans became involved in methamphetamine production and distribution – in a big way.
In Mexico, you see, it is easier to produce methamphetamine than in the United States. The cops aren't looking as hard and narco-terrorists in that country have a great deal of influence over government officials. In addition, the Mexicans are now the main distributors of most of the drugs – heroin, cocaine, marijuana, etc – entering the United States.  Recently a rare raid in Mexico busted a methamphetamine laboratory and confiscated drug making materials, drug, and over $205,000,000 American dollars. What was interesting about this raid was that the lab was getting bulk quantities of pseudoephedrine shipped from China! I guess they don't stop at poisoning pets!
If you wish to see who is bringing drugs into your state, go to this state fact sheet provided by the Drug Enforcement Agency, click on your state, and ask yourself if you, your community, and your local and state government are doing everything they possibly can to stem the flow of poison to your children.
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About the Author:
Mike Thomson believes that we may be producing an entire generation whose brains are mush.

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