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Unemployed Man Feels Snubbed on 'Boss’s Day'
From our veteran correspondent.

by Essie McShepherd
October 18, 2001

Unemployed Man Feels Snubbed on "Boss’s Day"_Essie McShepherd-From our veteran correspondent. SANDUSKY, OH – Frank Johnson, 32, feels snubbed. Living in his parents’ house for the last 3 years, Frank feels the acute loneliness of not being able to celebrate Boss’s Day. He cannot celebrate Boss’s Day because he has no boss; Frank has been unemployed for nearly four years.

“It all began when I lost my last job, working at Home Depot. They fired me for like, being late a lot and just leaving at my lunch hour and stuff,” relayed a somber Frank, “Oh yeah, then I didn’t go to work for a couple of weeks. I don’t know; it just wasn’t my thing.”

And so he was fired. Since then, Frank Johnson has not been able to get a job and therefore, have a boss.

“Well, it would help if he actually looked for a job!” Alan Johnson, Frank’s father, added, “I mean he sits on the couch all day eating cheese puffs and watching TV! He hasn’t even picked up the Want Ads since he moved back in!”

Betty Johnson, Frank’s mother agreed, but stated that her son is a “special boy,” who needs a certain environment to work. “He just needs to find his niche; somewhere where he feels motivated to succeed.”

“I’m going to motivate him by kicking him out if he doesn’t get off my couch!” an angry Alan Johnson replied.

Amongst this turmoil, a dejected Frank bemoans his woes; “Employed people don’t know what it’s like to sit around and listen to them complain about their boss and what stupid decisions his or her boss made. I can’t be part of that. And now with Boss’s Day, who do I buy a balloon and funny card for? Who’s going to send me a general e-mail or memo stating how I’m part of a great team?”

Unfortunately, Frank’s hurt falls on deaf ears.

“If it really bothers him so much,” stated Alan Johnson, “why doesn’t he just find a job?”

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Essie McShepherd would extend a warm, belated Boss's Day to the Webmaster, but the Webmaster is just an editor, and not a real boss.

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