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Change in the Political Air
But what kind of change will it be?

by Michael H. Thomson
November 7, 2007

Something truly dangerous happened in Pakistan this week. Pervez Musharraf, the country's president/general seized control of the government, suspended the supreme court, delayed elections, and basically established military rule throughout the government. As a result, Pakistanis are in the street protesting and the situation, no doubt, will get worse before it gets better. America needs to worry.
Pakistan is a nuclear nation with delivery capability. It harbors Taliban and Al Qaeda elements who covet those weapons. A de-stabilized Pakistan with nukes could kick up the terrorist threat to the United States considerably.
Nightmare scenario: A shipping container, hidden among thousands stored in a major U.S. port facility, contains a nuclear device. It doesn't even have to leave the harbor area to reap massive destruction and damage that can't be cleaned up for years as well as astronomical casualties that would greatly shade 9-11.
Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or don't vote at all, de-stabilized countries with nukes and countries wishing to obtain nuclear weapons should be of concern to you.
Do we have leaders in this country concerned enough about threats of this nature that they are proactive in doing everything they possibly can to protect our children, our future, and us? Unfortunately, most Americans think not.
According to a recent poll 74% of Americans, think the country is moving in the wrong direction. 67 % are displeased with President Bush and an alarming 72% are very displeased with congress.
This displeasure is manifesting itself in peculiar ways. For example, have you ever heard of Ron Paul? I would have never heard of him if it were not for our Libertarian columnist James Leroy Wilson writing about him occasionally. Well this week something happened that sent shock waves through the ranks of Democrats and Republican's alike. In one day, November 5, Ron Paul's campaign for president raised a record amount of money, 4.2 million!  Paul, technically a Republican, is totally Libertarian in political philosophy…
Another element that can't be discounted as a symptom of American voter frustration is the emergence of the "Lou Dobbs independent." Dobbs a Harvard educated economist and CNN anchor is leading one side of the battle in the "War on the Middle Class." He is responsible for thousands changing their voter registration from Democrat or Republican to Independent.
Then there are the secessionists. This is not a large number of people, but their numbers are growing. Northern and Southern secessionists recently met in Chattanooga to consolidate and firm up their various movements.
Even though Hillary Clinton is leading the pack among the Democrats, husband Bill recently had to come to the forefront to defend her against fellow Democrats who he accused of "swift-boating" the New York senator.
No matter how distasteful he is to Christian conservatives, Rudy Giuliani stays in the lead in Republican polls. In fact just today, one of the leading Christian conservatives, Pat Robertson, endorsed Giuliani!
America desperately wishes for a MAJOR change in leadership. And guess what? For better or worse they're going to get their wish in less than a year.
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