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Going, Going, Gone!
Why Barry will soon need a bondsman

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
November 20, 2007

Going, Going, Gone!_Greg Asimakoupoulos-Why Barry will soon need a bondsman Well, the charges are not baseless
like the field he contemplates.
So, will Barry need a bondsman
as he steps up to the plate?

It is likely and so tragic.
Perjury is major league.
While the steroids are illegal,
bold face lying's really BEEG.

At his new park, sharp barbed wire
crowns a fence that's awfully high.
And there's no way he will clear it.
I am guessing you know why.

Heading home now means the Big House.
Cooperstown may claim his ball,
but a cell will soon claim Barry.
How the mighty trip and fall.

Long ball history has been tainted.
Steroid use has replaced brawn
Barry Bonds has hit his last one.
Now he's going... going... gone.

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