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Christmas Entertainment
Someone's going to say 'Ho, Ho, Ho,' and someone else is going to get a bundle of switches...

by Michael H. Thomson
December 19, 2007

Ugly photographs of an aging Hillary on Drudge, Mormons believing Christ is Satan's brother per Huckabee, John Edwards having a girlfriend pregnant with a love child per some evil campaign opponent, Barack Obama being a burnt out cocaine user by a Hillary staffer, John McCain being craaazy by me, and Giuliani doing everything evil and bad by everybody.  Will it get worse? You betcha! When the Iowa caucus dates were moved to the very first of the year, everybody's Christmas has been ruined... or – more entertaining as the case may be …
It was an entertaining moment recently when Ron Paul was dragged on Fox and Friends, ostensibly to be interviewed by Steve Doocy congratulating Paul for being the top one-day fundraiser ever – Democrat or Republican – raising $6 million. Of course, Doocy being fair and balanced as Fox always is (gag), switched the subject around to get Paul's opinion on Huckabee's latest campaign advertisement which some say featured a "floating cross." I didn't see a cross, but rather the white framing of a bookcase. Anyway, Doocy who was treating Paul like an aging client in a rest home was visibly dumbfounded when Paul, quoting famous American writer, Sinclair Lewis, says, "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross." Doocy probably not knowing who Sinclair Lewis was hurriedly changed the subject. Zap! Points to Paul. The medical doctor and long-term Texas congressman didn't raise $18 million in one quarter by being sandbagged by Mr. Rogers look-alikes such as Doocy.
Despite who wins the Democratic and Republican primaries – which I hope are settled by February 5, I think the entertainment is a long way from being over. I do not think that even after the primaries are completed that Americans will be satisfied by the choices the political parties have given them. Enter New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Bloomberg is worth $20 billion and is willing to float $1 billion of his wealth either to run as a candidate himself or be a kingmaker. He has already had meetings or "chats" with Obama and get ready – Al Gore.
Think – the Democrats nominate Obama or Hillary, and the Republicans nominate Giuliani, Romney, or even McCain, and a well-funded, well known, and experienced candidate who hates the Clintons is pushed forward by a billion dollars of Bloomberg's money, folks we could have a three way race that could end up in the House of Representatives, where, if you know your constitution, anything could happen. This from the Clerk of the U.S. House of Representatives:
In the case of an Electoral College deadlock or if no candidate receives the majority of votes, a "contingent election" is held. The election of the President goes to the House of Representatives. Each state delegation casts one vote for one of the top three contenders to determine a winner.
Not anticipating the development of a two-party system, the Framers believed that electors would cast votes for a large range of candidates from various states and that nearly every election would go to the House of Representatives for a final decision. However, only two Presidential elections have been decided in the House. In 1800, members of the same campaign ticket, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr, received the same number of votes in the Electoral College. The House of Representatives eventually selected Thomas Jefferson, but the election inspired the 12th Amendment reforms. In 1824, no candidate among the three leading contenders— Senator Andrew Jackson, Secretary of State John Quincy Adams, and Secretary of the Treasury William Crawford—received a majority of electoral votes. Although Jackson won the most popular votes, the House selected Adams as the winner.
My senses are being overloaded by all the fun I'm having. I may have to go to rehab to be straightened out.
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