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Rare Books in My Library

by R. G. Trepanier
March 12, 2008

Wonders of the Ocean, by C. Shell
All About Iceland, by Raymond Burrr
How Bullets Bounce Off Water, by Rick O'Shay
50 Steps to the Outhouse, by Willie Makitt, Illustrated by Betty Wont
How I Fell Into the Fountain, by Ilene Dover
The Long Yellow River, by I.P. Dailey
From Here to Eternity, by Miles Long
Chinese Travel, by Rick Shaw
Ribbons Galore, by Ty A. Beau
Famous English Parks, by Q. Gardens
A Pilgrim's Tale, by Mae Flour
A Star Is Born, by Holly Wood
Pleasant Dreams, by Anna Stasia
Spanish Christmas Traditions, by Felicia Navidad
Improve Your Posture, by Stan Tall
An Opera Singer's Nightmare, by Larry N. Jitis
Rummage Sales, by Penny Social
A Bunny's Tale, by Jack Rabbit
A View From Underneath the Bleachers, by C. der Butts
Subversive Underground Activity, by Osama and Ima Mole
Oriental Nasal Explosions, by Hat Chu
Snack Foods for Weight Loss, by Dieter Munch
Early Greek Playwrights, by Aries Stophanes and Anne Tigony
Famous Unknown Quotations, by Anony Mouse
More Early Greek Playwrights, by Anne Tigony and Liz Istrata
Voting Through the Ages, by Marcus D. Slate and Ucasta D. Ballota
The Test of Mind Over Matter, by Marsha Larts
Anger Management, by Dr. David Banner, Illustrated by Lizzie Borden
Cloning: An Insider's Commentary, by Dolly O'Vine
The Keys to the Kingdom, by Rosetta Stone
Batik Through the Ages, by Ivanna Dye
The Return of the Swallow, by Ralph Hurle
Grub Recipes of the Frontier, by Chuck Waggoner
Improve Your Vision with Glasses, by I.C. Better
Fibs of Our Time, by Liza Little
Liking Yourself, by Ima Goodguy
Being Prepared, by Justin Case
Getting Into Debt, by I.O. Millions
Pirate Secrets, by Barry D. Treasure
Famous Nursery Rhymes, by Pat E. Cake
Getting Your First Break in Show Business, by Humpty Dumpty

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The Author is an avid bibliophile and reader and has nothing better to do than to think of things like this - except maybe think of more limericks.

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