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Delivery of Baby Delayed
Daddy Gets Traffic Ticket on Way to Hospital.

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
December 7, 2008

There are certain things in life that just can't wait. Number one on the list seems to be babies. They come when they want to come.

Recently, however a Boston baby had to wait for … a police officer to give daddy a ticket.

John and Jennifer were on the way to hospital in mid November when Jennifer's contractions closed in on 3 minutes apart. Now being a dad, and soon to be grandpa, I know how John must have felt. His concern was to get Jennifer to the hospital safely but a quick as possible. That is tough to do when it is rush hour in Boston.

So John did what he had to do. When the traffic slowed down and the contractions speeded up, John began to drive in the "breakdown lane". They passed two state patrol cars but the officer in car number three was not so understanding.

When the officer pulled John over and questioned him, he also questioned Jennifer. Even when she exposed her very pregnant belly and said she was in labor, the officer returned to the patrol car and issued John a ticket. He returned to the car, gave them an envelope and said the ticket would arrive in the mail. Sure enough it did arrive 2 weeks later.

It should not surprise anyone if the couple plans on appealing the ticket.

Now either the cop was really in a bad mood or he was below his quota on giving tickets for the month. Either way, the ticket should be thrown out. If the cop was really thinking, he would forgotten the ticket and have provided a police escort for the couple to the hospital muy pronto.

Now there are plenty of folks that will try to get around the laws of the road. In California, individuals are pulled over every day for driving in the car pool lane when they are alone. They try to fool the police by using inflatable dolls or life size stuffed animals as their passengers. Most of time it doesn't work.

People have a million and one excuses for exceeding the speed limit. Rarely are the excuses this good. And even driving in the breakdown lane should have an exception or two.

But a wife in labor and traffic backed up seems like a pretty good reason to drive anywhere in order to get your wife to the hospital. But obviously not in Boston during rush hour.

My guess is that John and Jennifer never considered naming the baby after the officer in question. 

About the Author:

Mr. Moo thinks that sometimes the laws of nature take precedence over the laws of the road.

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