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What's In a Name?
New Jersey couple find their son's name offensive to some

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
December 21, 2008

The year was 1969 and artist Johnny Cash was at the top of his game. The game of course was country music. He went to Folsom Prison and sang a song that was so new to him that he had to have the words on a piece of paper in front of him. The crowd went crazy and Cash released the song, "A Boy Named Sue" that year. It became a number one hit on the country and adult contemporary charts.

Now we can look at that story, where a soon to be absent dad named his son Sue, in order to make him tough and laugh. But in New Jersey, there could be another father naming a son an unusual name for another reason.

The Campbell's were excited to be having a son just over three years ago. They wanted to choose a name that they claim "no one else in the world would have". They have succeeded. The little fellow's name? Adolph Hitler Campbell.

Now like most parents, they wanted to have a birthday party for their son on his special day and decided to get a birthday cake with his name on it. That's when the recent problem began. The first place they called to have his name put on the cake refused to customize the cake with the boy's full name on it. The couple had tried unsuccessfully in the past two years to have a cake done at the same store. (One year they asked for the cake to bear a swastika.)

The store said "we reserve the right not to print anything on a cake that we deem to be inappropriate". A child's name inappropriate? Well, in this case the store said a cake with his full name on it was inappropriate.

The couple ended up going to a bakery in Philadelphia to get the cake the way they wanted to have it.

Now, there is no law that says that you cannot name your child after one of the most brutal murderers in history. But come on folks.

Why would a parent want to do such a thing?

Imagine the Johnsons naming their son Charles Manson Johnson. Or the Phillips family choosing Lizzie Borden Phillips for their daughter. How about the Wilson's choosing for their son O.J. Simpson Wilson? Or Mr. and Mrs. Anderson naming their son Josef Mengele Anderson?

I have said for years that just because something is offensive doesn't mean that it is an offense. And I still believe that. But naming your child after a world wide known criminal / murderer seems to be over the line.

The biggest beef that I have with this is that the parents will put up with the inconvenience of birthday cake orders not being honored for just a few years. The child will live with the name forever unless they choose to legally change it when they become an adult.

Hopefully with age, for the son, will come maturity and realize how inconsiderate the parents were for choosing that name. And the same for his sisters, Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell (named for Heinrich Himmler of Nazi SS fame) and JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell.

And kids, call when you want to legally change your names. I'll pay the court costs. And Adolph, I'll still pay even if you want to choose the name Sue.

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Some things in this world, Mr. Moo will never understand. Choosing these names for your children fits in that category.

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