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A Girl Named Stanley
Obama's family background raises lots of questions.

by James Leroy Wilson
March 5, 2009

Before there was a Boy Named Sue, there was a girl named Stanley.

Stanley Ann Dunham.

Named so because her daddy wanted a boy.

Even though the father, also named Stanley, was only 24 and his wife Madelyn was only 20 when she was born.

You'd think they might have expected to have a few more children, including at least one boy the father could name Stanley. But it turns out, he called it correctly: Stanley Ann was their only child.

Perhaps he thought he wouldn't survive the war. Every biography said he "enlisted after Pearl Harbor."

Well, he must have stuck around for a bit, if he is indeed Stanley Ann's father. She was born in late November, 1942. Almost a full year, as opposed to nine months, after Pearl Harbor.

Supposedly as a young family in the late 40's, at least one person recalls working with father Stanley at a furniture store in Ponca City, Oklahoma. But nobody remembers mother Madelyn or daughter Stanley Ann.

And Stanley Ann went by "Stanley" until college, when she switched to "Ann."

There surely must be a 66 year-old in America who remembers girl classmate named Stanley sometime between the first and seventh grades, even if just for a year. The name alone suggests she's not one to be forgotten.

But one picture is being circulated on the Internet from Stanley Ann's preteen years, a photograph in which she appears to be in a school uniform.

What school is that? One "conspiracy" site claims it is the College Notre-Dame de Jamhour in Beirut, Lebanon.  And it notes what's missing on the father's ring finger.

Anybody else have better information?

If not, how, or why, could this furniture salesman afford to send his daughter not only to an elite private school, but an overseas one?

When the Dunham's moved to Mercer Island, Washington, mother Madelyn became vice president of a local bank and father Stanley worked at a big furniture store. But after Stanley Ann's high school graduation they moved to Hawaii where Stanley "found a better furniture store opportunity" while Madelyn had to work at a bank ten years before moving back up to a vice presidency again. This "opportunity" must have been pretty lucrative if his spouse's job as a bank vice president was secondary income.

It's funny that Wikipedia mentions the store he worked at in Washington State, but not the "better opportunity" in Hawaii.

And then there's the curious case of Stanley Ann's pregnancy. She gave birth to Barack Obama in August, 1961, and then immediately enrolled at the University of Washington.  And Obama still refuses to show us his birth certificate.

Stanley Ann spent a good deal of her time away from her son, doing "field work" in places like Indonesia for the Ford Foundation and other agencies. Further research indicates she, or someone using her name, had worked with the Ford Foundation in New York, and that someone using her name was still working with the Ford Foundation after her alleged death. Not only Stanley Ann, but Obama's alleged father and stepfather all died at young ages.

Obama skated through elite schools with wealthy and influential sponsors, to ultimately become President of the Harvard Law Review. But then abandons what could have been a lucrative career with the Northeast Establishment to work for and with far-left radicals on Chicago's South Side where he launches a political career. He is then handed a free Senate seat when the "Republican" Chicago Tribune orchestrates the fall of his only viable opponent, and skates to a spot as keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic nominating convention.

Obama's communication skills go deeper than that of, say, Ronald Reagan's. Whether or not the use of hidden hypnosis techniques is ethical (I personally see nothing wrong with it), I think anyone with just a passing knowledge of it would concede that Obama is a master of it. This suggests he has been trained so thoroughly it has become second nature to him. The question is, who taught him?

The question of whether Obama is really a "natural-born citizen" qualified to be President seems like the least interesting question, except how it raises other questions.

That's why I'm raising one possibility. But first, a caveat: it doesn't matter to me if I'm wrong. I hope I'm right, because it's the far more entertaining scenario. It's almost more comforting to believe that Obama, and Presidents before him, were consciously executing a secret agenda, than that they were unwittingly destroying the country with their lame-brained ideology and misguided good intentions. That's what's really scary.

Here's the possibility I'm raising: unless and until I receive more information, I suspect the Dunhams - whose careers involved aeronautics, oil, finance, and, ahem, furniture sales, were part of a global espionage network. The jobs they had were cover. They brought their daughter into it. Both of Stanley Ann's spouses were themselves probably connected or paid off. Together, Stanley Ann and her parents raised Barack to enter the "real" family business.

If I am correct, I would also go further to say that Obama was sent to Chicago not to be mentored by the likes of Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayres, but to keep tabs and report on such radicals, and ultimately to emasculate them and the entire far left. Just as Bill Clinton disarmed the feminists, Obama would disarm African-Americans, peace activists, and social liberals who all think he is "one of us."

I could be wrong. It's just that everything about Obama's life, and especially his mother's life, seems not just unusual, but strange.

I suppose that if you're a girl named Stanley, you'll be destined to live an interesting life.

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