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That's the Way Cookie Crumbles
Girl Scouts sales technique is ancient and should be updated

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
March 15, 2009

Sales techniques have changed over the years. Many folks will say that the best way to sell with the hope of a solid customer and repeat business is face to face. I'm not sure anyone would argue with that in most areas of sales. But the internet has invaded sales techniques and because of it, sales will never return to the "old fashion" way ever again.

Unless you are a Girl Scout.

Let me first say that I purchase Girl Scout cookies every year. I have been known to sit down and eat half a box at one sitting and then make plans for eating the other half sometime soon. And I purchase them from a little girl in the green outfit. I pay cash for the order and begin to salivate at the mere mention of the cookie sales season.

So when I heard of the creativity of little 8 year old Wild Freeborn, I was impressed. Wild had set a goal to sell enough cookies to send her entire troop to summer camp this year. That's a pretty tall order for a little girl unless you use some creative sales techniques.

And that is what Wild did.

After going door to door in her neighborhood and in the downtown area of her community, she asked her dad, "can't we use what you do work?" Her father was a top executive at a company that did design for web sites.

So they did just that. With the help of a You Tube video, "buy cookies … they're yummy," Wild expanded her sales territory to the area surrounding her home community. She only wanted to sell to folks close enough to deliver the cookies in person. And sell she did. While continuing the traditional sales techniques, she sold an additional 700 orders in just two weeks on line.

And since she was selling to provide a camp experience for her troop-mates, you would think that everyone would be pleased at her creativity and selfless attitude.

But, noooooooooooo!

Parents of girls in the troop were upset that Wild had an unfair advantage because she was reaching more potential buyers than their daughters were reaching. And they were so upset, they turned in this creative little entrepreneur into the national office. With some troop sales down by as much as 20%, according to some statistics, you would might think that they would be thrilled to see someone market their cookies this way. But the national office told Wild to stop selling online.

A national office spokesperson put it this way: "Girl Scouts of the USA is not shunning the internet … though we still have to figure out how to do this." I tell you how to figure out how to do this. Call Wild Freeborn.

Now where did I put that web address? All this talk about cookies and I'm starting to salivate on my keyboard.

About the Author:

Mr. Moo will still buy locally but I’ll purchase a box from this young lady just to give her an “atta-girl”.

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