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When Losing Means Winning
Lessons from the Miss USA Pageant; PLUS, Remembering Columbine Ten Years Later and Seller Beware!

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
April 24, 2009

When Losing Means Winning
Lessons from the Miss USA Pageant

Two blondes comprised the final two.
North Carolina won,
but not before a Q and A
that left the viewers stunned.
Miss Tar Heel had a leg up
on her California clone.
The latter stuck her foot in mouth.
You'd think she would have known
that what she had to say about
gay marriage wouldn't fly.
But all the same she spoke her mind,
then watched her chances die.
Although she didn't win the crown,
she won my deep respect
for verbalizing godly views
increasingly suspect.
Miss USA will have her reign.
Miss California won't.
Do you think she regrets her words?
Perhaps you do. I don't.

Remembering Columbine Ten Years Later
Haunting memories and unrealized dreams

Ten years ago
in a not-so-little town
on the front range of the Rockies,
a room designed for learning
became a tomb for those gunned down.
There were bullets and blood
and a reign of terror
followed by a flood of fear.

Wearing black trench coats
to hide their insecurities,
two boys in men's bodies
lived out the violence
they'd previously caged in their minds.

It was a nightmare that left a nation
blind with rage and grief.
And for those who lost loved ones,
a day without regrets
and lingering sorrow
remains only a dream.

It's the kind of tragedy we never dreamed
would strike in our own backyard.
It's hard to explain how and why,
but we try 'cause we must,
while we simply trust
in a loving God who wept with us
and who remains in complete control.

When bullets fly, children die.
And when hearts break, we feel the ache
and reach out to those left alone
trusting alone in God's Word.
Words that promise
that no one needs to grieve without hope.

Though the slope of life remains slippery,
we are offered stable footing
as we stand at the foot of a bloodied cross
and peer into an empty grave.

Seller Beware!
Want ads with an unwanted outcome

Sellers' warning!
Craig's List killers
lurk online quite out of sight.
If you're peddling massages,
you're at risk both day and night.

Sex-crazed shoppers
(some in med school)
scan their screens at classifieds.
Is Craig's List a mute accomplice
when an advertiser's died?
Want ad victims.
Wanted posters.
Want to know what this all means?
Simply that your well-dressed boyfriend
may not be the man he seems.

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