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"I Did It for Love"
Ex-tax worker steals $11 million to keep her boyfriend.

by Richard Mr. Moo Moore
July 26, 2009

"Do not steal. The government doesn't like competition." So the old saying goes. Well, it may not have been the government stealing tax refunds but it could be the next best thing.

Michelle Cawthra appeared in court in Denver to testify that she had deposited unclaimed tax refunds into the account of her lover to entice him to leave his wife and run away with her. The former supervisor of the Colorado Department of Revenue, forged documents, signed in on co-workers computers and created fake businesses in order to deposit the $11 million dollars into his account. $11 million dollars?
She blames it on love. She must have been crazy in love with this guy. Or maybe just crazy.
Cawthra says that her boyfriend, Hysear Randall, knew where the money was coming from and he says he thought it was coming from a family trust fund. She also claims that she didn't benefit from the stolen money. That is true, if you don't count the luxury trips and expensive jewelry that her boyfriend bought her with some of the stolen money.
The former employee of the Department of Revenue is testifying as part of a plea agreement with the prosecution in their case against Randall. She was convicted of racketeering. Randall's wife has also been convicted of theft but hasn't been sentenced.
Cawthra will have 24 years to think about what she has done. And if it really was love that made her do it, I hope it was really good while it lasted.

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Mr. Moo continues to be amazed that there is plenty of bizarre stories in the world. Heck, the truth is better than fiction.

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