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Redemption for Foul Ball Boy
What we can learn from Steve Bartman about grace

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
August 4, 2017

Steve Bartman was the butt of jokes.
To Cubbies fans, he was a goat
who jinxed Chicago's Series dreams
some fourteen years ago.
His urge to catch a foul ball fly
(that left his critics cursing "why?")
spelled doomsday for the hated lout.
Steve Bartman was Black Bart.
And though he loved his Northside team,
Steve was a hated man it seemed.
He took his life into his hands
whenever he went out.
And then this week redemption came.
A Series ring with Bartman's name
was given to the Foul Ball Boy
to say that all is well.
It is a picture of God's grace.
The guilty one (once deemed abased),
is now included in the clan
that claims the victor's crown.

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