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Violence in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
Protesting the synagogue shootings in Pittsburgh

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
November 2, 2018

In Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
there is no room for hate
when Christians, Jews and Muslims live in peace.
What happened at that synagogue
derails what we stand for.
Somehow, some way this violence must cease.

In Mister Rogers' Neighborhood,
we honor all as friends.
We do not judge another by their race.
We see their faith as deeply held
though we may disagree.
We look for common values to embrace.

In Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
we grieve with those who grieve.
We hold each other's children in our heart.
We know that dreams for unity
aren't simply make believe.
They're realized when we each do our part.

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