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Greyhound Bus Arrives at Destination – Without Incident
Driver, passengers tell of an amazingly dull trip.

by Essie McShepherd
October 9, 2002

Greyhound Bus Arrives at Destination – Without Incident_Essie McShepherd-Driver, passengers tell of an amazingly dull trip. Sioux City, IA (PO) – Greyhound Bus 5476 arrived at the Sioux City terminal without incident from Cleveland, Ohio, around 10:47 PM last Tuesday, only 11 minutes behind schedule.

“Yeah, I guess you could say it was a pretty routine trip,” admitted bus driver Frank Williams, who has been driving for about 6 years. Williams confirms that no one tried to stab him or take over the bus at any time during the trip.

“There were two Arab-looking fellows that got on in Akron, but they got off in South Bend. I had no trouble from them.”

Edna Maypoole, who was returning from a visit to her granddaughter, agrees.

“Those Arab gentleman were most pleasant. I sat right across from them. I offered them some cookies I baked for the trip. They declined, but they were very polite about it.”

Williams said the most suspicious character on the trip was a man in his mid-thirties who had a shaved head and wore fatigues. Getting on in Cleveland, the man even approached Williams once, but that was to ask at what time they would arrive in Chicago.

“Well, he was a little scary looking,” said Edna Maypoole, “but he reminded me of my son David, who was in the army.” Mrs. Maypoole then talked about David for about 20 minutes. “So I figured I was okay because David is such a good son, and this young man looked like David, when David was in the army.”

Other riders agreed that the trip was without incident, and even a bit boring, because they were traveling through Indiana. Several mentioned a young woman whose baby cried non-stop from Gary, IN to Rockford, IL. However Mrs. Maypoole stated, “That’s what babies do when they’re that age. They cry and cry…”

Driver Frank Williams also heard the crying baby. “In this type of job, you get it a lot. Sometimes a pacifier helps, sometimes it doesn’t.”

"Yep," Williams added, "this was pretty much routine."

When asked why his bus arrived only 11 minutes late, Williams said, “Traffic was good.”

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