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And the Oscar Goes to...
Who is most deserving of our applause?

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
March 1, 2019

We sing the praise of those who act,
of those who just pretend.
An Oscar is a trophy for a fake.
Ironically, we recognize
the pretense (not the real).
In Hollywood, the actors take the cake.

But in my town, the hypocrites
are not esteemed as great.
We honor those who are what they appear.
They walk their talk and live their faith 
with no real need to hide.
Transparent lives require no veneer.

So who deserves our accolades?
The stars of silver screen?
The well-rehearsed who play another's role?
Or should our true allegiance
be reserved for those who prove
integrity is more than just a goal?

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