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A Father's Day Wish List
What I pray for my progeny

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
June 19, 2020

Amazed by how fleeting six decades have flown,
I wish for my children the joys that I've known:
The comforting knowledge that God is a friend
whose love never fails or grows cold.

The privilege of having a job you adore
so that going to work never seems like a chore.
The deep satisfaction of sharing your life
with someone who's vowed to be true.

The passionate thrill having kids of your own
and then making great memories before they have grown.
And when they have married and moved far away,
the knowledge they're glad to be home.

And should the Lord bless them with little ones, too,
I'm praying they'll feel the delights that I do
while holding them, feeding them, watching them grow
convinced that they think you are great!

But mostly I want them to have inner peace
when sadness comes knocking and happy days cease.
When they are blindsided by problems and pain,
I want them to know they are loved.

My Father's Day wish list is not very long.
It's hoping my kids understand they belong
to a fam'ly to which they contribute much wealth
simply by their investment of time.

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