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I Stand with Folks of Color
What it takes to color our world with kindness

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
August 14, 2020

I stand with folks of color,
blacks and whites
and those in blue
who risk their lives
for justice
on behalf of me and you.

I stand with those
whose hair is gray
or kids with knees stained green.
Both old and young
deserve support
'cause bullies can be mean.

And those who wave a rainbow flag,
I stand up for their rights.
They're loved by God
as are the ones
with whom they tend to fight.

I stand on principles
of One
whose words (red-lettered) speak.
They call me to
stand up for those
who can't, because they're weak.

I stand upon
God's promises.
A black book (Old and New)
with yellowed pages
(creased by time)
whose truths are ever true.

Will you, dear reader,
stand with me
and find ways to be kind?
To love the way
we have been loved,
we must be colorblind.

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