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Saluting the Home Team
Honoring our veterans on Veterans Day

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
November 11, 2020

Today we honor those who played
the enduring game of freedom.
Proudly wearing
their helmet and the home team uniform,
they defended the goal of liberty.

The line of scrimmage kept changing...
from natural grass turf
to muddy bunkers
to sandy beaches
to rice paddies
to sun-baked deserts.
But no matter the conditions,
these veteran players
remained resolute
in keeping the opposing team from scoring.

Grass-stained and bloodied,
mentally fatigued and bone weary,
at times carted off the field in pain,
these players proved their courage
as we watched their will to win.

And on this day
we salute their service.
Grateful fans in our great nation
line the streets in every city and town
cheering as these veterans pass by
in a virtual parade.

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