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Looking Up in a Lockdown
Prescription for a pandemic

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
November 20, 2020

Our Governor says "Lockdown!"
but our Father says "Look up!"
Let's cast our cares on One who knows our plight.
The fears surrounding COVID
can have crippling effects
and find us grasping straws with knuckles white.

Looking up admits we're helpless,
but it also signals hope.
When we fix our gaze above we know God knows.
Spoken words are not essential.
Silent glances do the trick.
Faith that's channeled in the quiet grows and grows.

Let's look up and focus clearly
on the One who's in control
as we take our eyes off headlines that distract.
God, who sees into the future,
is worth trusting all the time.
Night and day He has perspective that we lack.

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