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A December to Remember
Longing for a full house instead of playing solitaire

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
December 11, 2020

A December to remember?
Given the cards COVID has dealt us,
I'm guessing the odds are pretty good
we won't easily forget this month
(or this year for that matter).

Feeling rummy (even without gin)
we need something to bridge the gap.
Even when we have Trump,
we find ourselves Biden time.

Our mandatory masks
have covered our poker faces
in an effort to reduce the gamble of infection.
I'm tired of playing solitaire, aren't you?

I'm ready to cash it in.
At least that's the way I feel
most of the time.
But when the chips are down,
I find the means to see you
and raise your hopes.
A full house may be closer than you think.

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