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An Average Joe
Why nativity figurines should wear masks this year

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
December 18, 2020

Their governor said, "Pay your tax!"
Our governor says, "Wear your masks!"
The Holy Family (just like us)
were people of their day.
Both Joe and Mary were confined
by regulations of the time.
There were no halos on their heads.
They were like you and me.
And that's what makes the "Good News" good.
The baby born midst hay and wood
came to a world of average Joes
to demonstrate God's love.
In Jesus' parents I see me.
Just as I am (without one plea)
except a prayer to trust God's plan
when prone to fear and stress.
It's helps to know they understand
when I draw near my "Bethlehem"
without a room and most inclined
to question what to do.
That average Joe who paid his tax
and those like me who wear a mask
have much in common. We are they
for whom the Savior came.

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