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The Fabric of Democracy
Celebrating the strength of our diversity

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
February 5, 2021

The fabric of democracy
may fray but never tear
though terrorized by those outside or in.
The warp and woof of freedom
boast a strength we can't ignore
as we focus on what makes us one again.

God, unite us as a nation.
Join the pieces of our past
to create a quilt of beauty fringed with pride.
Heal the wounds that we've created
by our arrogance and hate.
Give us grace to listen to the other side.

Yes, Lord, teach us Kingdom values
as we work for peace on earth.
Help us ask ourselves "Just what would Jesus do?"
Prompt us to take risks at loving.
Shield our hearts from cold despair.
Guide our gaze that we might fix our eyes on You.

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