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S’mores® Are Less
Hershey tries to cash in on campfire favorite.

by S.E. Shepherd
January 16, 2004

S’mores® Are Less_S.E. Shepherd-Hershey tries to cash in on campfire favorite Always willing to give a new candy bar a try, I became quite curious when I spotted the new Hershey’s S’mores®. Named after the well-known campfire treat, the new S’mores bar also contains chocolate, marshmallow and “graham cracker bits.” The twist is (because it’s a candy bar) the chocolate is now on the outside, with the marshmallow and graham cracker in the middle. And of course, the marshmallow isn’t warm (unless you’re crazy enough to try to microwave it).

The result is mixed, as the bar reminds me more of those awful marshmallow cookies more than a campfire s’more. The problem is as I mentioned above; the marshmallow part is cool and like regular marshmallows, a spongy sugary substance that overloads the mouth. The “graham cracker bits” are just that, chunks of graham cracker that are more like rice crisps than cookie. Hershey would do better to use a real graham cracker rather than graham cracker crust they use for the bottom layer.

Though Hershey succeeds to some degree in transforming the campfire s’more taste into a candy bar, this is also the bar’s downfall. The marshmallow of S’mores® is a little too powerful and one has a hard time washing that taste from his or her mouth. Add to the feeling that the eater knows he or she is still in an office and not in the great outdoors next to an open fire, and S’mores® almost become psychological torture.

S’mores® may be a viable option for those that have a strong addiction to the real thing and can’t set fire to their office space. For the rest of us, we will be fine waiting for that summer campfire, making our “homemade” versions, and liking the melted marshmallow goo off our fingers. A two filling rating taken down an extra half star for trying to cash in on sacred childhood memories; 1½ fillings.

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S.E. Shepherd attempts to continue the high standard set by Kenneth the Menneth. He also eats more candy than he should.

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