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The Real War Is Against Radical Islam, Stupid!

Why is George Bush minimizing our enemy by calling them terrorists?

by Michael H. Thomson
June 14, 2005

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The Real War Is Against Radical Islam, Stupid!
On September 11, 2001, at the time of the attack on New York, I was in Melbourne, Florida, sitting behind my computer working on a marketing project for Layover.com, a major trucking website. At first, I thought the plane hitting the Trade Tower was an accident – a few moments later, after the second plane, it dawned on me that this was an attack. I had to leave the office and wander around for a couple of hours – I developed a headache – I called my wife – she was terrified, which, of course, was the intention of the evil cabal that was behind the attack - millions were terrified. My first feelings of anger were not against the men who brought the current war to us, but towards the religion, they represented. This has not changed with me.

Nearly four years later, I am seething at the liberties we have forsaken in the name of security. I am also seething at our government and particularly George Bush who has not gone after the country who supplied the terrorists who attacked our country - Saudi Arabia – the heart of Islam – birthplace of Mohammed.

I have lost respect for Bush due to his close relations with the Saudi Royal family. These people – every single one of them – are our enemies. If they weren't, they would have already rooted out the Al Qaeda among them.

During the recent election, I encouraged people to vote for Kerry JUST to get rid of George Bush who in my opinion is in denial about what this war is all about – and I'm not referring to the war in Iraq, which is simply a case of misplaced resources. I am referring to the war of Islam versus the West. Iraq is not the seat of Islam – Mecca is the seat of Islam and it is in Saudi Arabia. A large percentage of the fighters killing our young men and women in Iraq are from Saudi Arabia. They are well financed by wealthy Saudis and fanatical enough to blow up innocent Iraqis and American troops in suicide missions.

Comment from the greater Islamic community in this country – to this day – is still weak on condemning the September 11 attacks. Mullahs and hate speakers still draw crowds at Friday services in giant mosques that are growing at an unprecedented rate in this country.

I keep hearing from our President and others in his administration, that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance. If that is so, why are Christians, Jews, and non-Muslim practitioners of other faiths persecuted directly and in-directly in every Muslim country on this planet? This persecution is in the form of imprisonment, denial of employment rights, denial of freedom to worship, torture, and in some cases death.

Within six hours of the September 11 attacks, I concluded this was another event in the war between Islam and the West. A war that most people know – unless they are historically challenged – has been going on for centuries. I am appalled that our President is unaware of this and has tried to con the American public that this is a mere aberration of history and that only a minority of "bad" Moslems are giving us grief in the world. Why does he call our enemy terrorists, which reflects an anonymous enemy? Why doesn't he call our enemy, radical Islamists – which they are? Most Americans are aware of the true nature of our enemy. Why is George Bush soft peddling who our enemy is? Probably the oil, don't you think.

Put another spin on this and let me ask you this question to see if you know who the enemy is: If someone offered you an all expense paid trip for you and your family to visit any of the following countries:Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Ethiopia, Turkey, Nigeria, Pakistan, Yemen, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kuwait – or any country whose primary population is Moslem. Would you accept the gift? Would you consider the George Bush philosophy that Moslems will extend peace and tolerance to you if you visit those countries? Would feel free to carry a Bible in your luggage?

On the other hand, would you say, "Great! Let's go, never turn town a free gift!" Remember, this gift is for you and your "family." I know what I would do, but I'm asking you. Please write a letter to PO and express yourself on this issue. If you think Mike Thomson is paranoid, please don't fail to say so. I think your opinion of my expression, negative or positive, is important.

Another question, rhetorical of course: Suppose the Southern Baptist Convention asked its preachers to encourage the murder of Roman Catholics? What would you demand that your President do? I think I know. Bottom line: Free speech and freedom of religion ends when that speech or that religion creates a threat to the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of other Americans. Worldwide Islam threatens the safety of Americans abroad in Islamic countries and unlike most churches and synagogues in this country, a growing number of mosques in the U.S. have speakers preaching hate for America.

Our safety from radical Islamists around the world and at home is very fragile. It is time the President acknowledges that the present war against terror is a religious war. Quit trying to pacify the Moslems in this country who give tacit support to their brothers fighting against us in this war and crack down – dramatically on the mosques and gatherings of Moslems who preach hate and death to other Americans.

If this is truly, a war against Islamic terrorism – and it is, and if we are truly desperate to win it – which I think most Americans are, then the President and the Congress need to take the war to the real enemy – the heart of Islam – Saudi Arabia. Begin the process of cutting off trade. Drastic you say. No not at all – it's going to happen anyway – in some form.

When Al Qaeda overthrows the Royal family - which it will – do you think they will keep pumping oil for our SUV'S? We must begin cutting off trade now, tighten our belts, and really get serious about developing energy independence – EVEN – if we have to experience a severe – long-term dip in the Dow, lose jobs, and suffer personal financial loss. We have let foreign oil – particularly Saudi oil, become a national version of cocaine. We are highly addicted and it's going to be our economic death unless we do something drastic. We must make the first strike, not be caught by surprise when Saudi Arabia falls – which it will.

Fifteen hundred Americans and thousands of Iraqis have died in the current misplaced war. The administration shows signs of wanting to get out before the public demands they abandon this venture. The press has started the process of demonizing the American soldier and being apologetic for "bad, bad" America for mistreating bloodthirsty radical Islamists who did not give second thought to killing thousands of innocents on a fair September day. This event incidentally was celebrated all over the Islamic world – and by many Moslems in this country. Saudi Arabia, one of our major oil suppliers, supplied a majority of the terrorists, continues – through its citizens – in financially supporting fighters killing our troops in Iraq.

It is time George Bush quits hugging, kissing, holding hands, and sucking up to Saudi royalty. It is time George Bush wake up the American people, tell them the religious nature of the war against terror, and reveal the complicity that Saudi Arabia has in it. Americans are a strong people – even if we have proclivity towards hearing good news instead of bad. Americans however handle the truth well – if told.

The current administration – George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condaleeza Rice, and members of Congress must redefine the war against Islamic Radicalism and make the American public aware – fully aware - of its religious nature. They must quit being politically and culturally correct and expose Americans to the truth. This war is going to go on for a long time and is not going away when George Bush leaves. It possibly may go on for thirty years or more. There is no doubt that thousands more will die over several generations. Our resolve to win this war – and we must win it – will be heightened if our government reveals its true nature.

The truth being that we are in a global conflict with an enemy who considers each one of us an infidel – an unbeliever that is not tolerated wherever true Moslems are present. This is not inflammatory comment. This is the truth.

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Sylvia from hiding out on LI writes:
June 15, 2005
Bravo Mike!

The first time I ever heard of Islam being a religion of peace & tolerance was from the smirky lips of George Bush the night of September 11.

The Islam I was taught during the 60's (and through years of independent reading) was 'conversion by the sword. Does this mean all my high school teachers were wrong? Can I sue them for educational malpractice?

It is ironic that a people who profess to hold the modern world in total contempt has no problem utilizing modern technology to wage war from caves. Conversion by laptop.

George has it all wrong.

Islam is a religion of hypocrites - and he is head mullah.

James Leroy Wilson writes:
June 20, 2005
Mike Thomson is wrong. A global Islamic theocracy, were it to occur, will be accomplished through the demographic suicide of Christians - that is, a decline in birthrates. Both Moslems and Christians are aware of this, and were I a Moslem I'd be optimistic about the long-term prospects.

But Al Qaeda's tactics - terrorism and guerilla warfare - are the tactics of insurgents against occupation forces. The purpose is not to exterminate Western civilization by arms, but just to expel them from the Arab and Moslem worlds. Terrorist tactics are indeed an unjust form of war - then again, so is aerial bombing. But the underlying complaint is just.

The United States deceived Saddam Hussein about Kuwait. Then, the USA lied to Saudi Arabia about Saddam’s troops being amassed along its border. The USA set up bases there, and after the original Persian Gulf war we stayed there even though the people did not want us. Combined with military aid to Israel and various forms of bribes to Arab governments (including Saudi Arabia’s), the impression is that the USA treats the Middle East like its own playground. The Arab people rightly feel humiliated.

That’s why the war hasn’t been taken to Europe to the same degree. Why don’t Arab terrorists attack buildings in Sweden? Switzerland? Countries less able to strike back militarily? Because those countries do not intervene in the affairs of other nations or dictate terms to them. If the USA respected the sovereignty of other nations and brought its troops home from all the countries where they’re not needed or wanted (that is to say, perhaps every country with the possible exception of South Korea), it would not have a terrorism problem.

Three other problems arise. First, if the IRA is financed in large part by Irish-Americans, is that the USA’s fault or problem? If some Irish-Canadians went to Northern Ireland and joined the IRA, is that Canada’s fault? Why should the government of Saudi Arabia be blamed for the actions of some of its citizens outside of Saudi Arabia’s borders? There would be a case against that country if the terrorists were Saudi soldiers or agents, but no one’s suggested that.

Second, the neo-conservative cause is precisely the war Thomson wants. Neo-conservatives attacked Iraq precisely because, being the most liberal and best-educated Arab state, they thought it had the best chance of establishing western-style liberal democracy in the region - which the neo-cons thought was the best way to undermine radical Islam. A stupid, unrealistic plan. But aside from nuking Mecca, are there any better ideas?

Third, fighting “radical Islam” is really a fight against all Arabs and all Moslems. If the tables were turned, the USA was weak and a foreign superpower declared war on “fundamentalist Christianity,” everyone would know that this would really be a war against a) all Americans and b) all Christians all over the world. This is because you can’t separate fundamentalist Christians from the rest of the population, and there is no possible agreed upon line between “reasonable” Christianity and the fundamentalist sort. In the ensuing war, every single insurgent fighting this superpower would be called a “fundamentalist” when in reality they could just be normal people defending their country, their families, and their property.

It would also be clear that such a war could not be “won” by either side, and that it is best to not wage such a war.

Michael H. Thomson from Paeonian Springs, VA writes:
June 20, 2005
James Leroy Wilson,

Just tonight June 20, 2005, on NBC Nightly News, a special report to NBC concluded that the majority of the suicide bombers who are killing the majority of Iraqis and U.S. troops are FORIEGN fighters and the majority of them (55%) are from Saudi Arabia. Whose homes are they defending. No - I'm not wrong and thank you sir - I will not be branded as neo-conservative either. Since when did you get into putting brands on people? Rather small don't you think? Intellectualizing this is not going to make it go away.

James Leroy Wilson writes:
June 20, 2005
First, I clearly did not call Mike Thomson a neoconservative. I said that the neoconservatives are waging the war he wants - a war against radical Islam.

The neo-cons first love is Israel, and they use American power for the purpose of advancing Isreael's interests. They are also crazed fanatics to a god named Democracy and, like Islamic terrorists, care not for life or property to further their religion. They've been planning since well before 9-11 for the overthrow of every Arab government and the destruction of radical Islamic forces. I did not and do not ascribe to Thomson this neocon ideology.

Second, the fact that the suicide bombers are foreign fighters proves my point EXACTLY. They know this isn't about Iraq, they believe this is a war against ALL Arabs and ALL Muslims, like I wrote. The insurgents are Iraqi patriots, while the terrorists - with less regard for Iraqi life and property but with equal hate for the American presence in their region - are foreign born. No surprise there.

Ainsley Jo Phillips from Anderson, Indiana USA writes:
September 5, 2005
Sorry, but I'm not going to get into the mindset that *all* Islamic people are terrorists, because I know many of them who feel just as bad about it as most of us Christians feel when someone, for instance, blows up an abortion clinic in the name of Jesus with people (even children) inside of it.

So, the war against terror isn't against Muslims in general but, instead, against the fanatics under that heading who have become so powerful while poorly representing their religion with violence.

The history of Christianity has a few skeletons in its closet, too--such as burning people who were different in some way as witches and heretics along with chasing Native Americans off of land in the name of Jesus and even killing them at times.

There are, obviously, some Islamic fundamentalists in high places in Saudi Arabia, or Christians wouldn't be censored (and worse) in that country.

You're no doubt right that George W. shouldn't be getting really chummy with them and considering them to be business partners when their fanatic fundamentalism has gotten to the place that they have become dangerous--but I still have to disagree with you when it comes to placing *all* Muslims under that umbrella.

There are people who are religious and, then, there are religious nuts.

Somehow, some of the nuts have gotten into powerful positions in Saudi Arabia.

Anyway, that's my take on it!


AJ :o)

Devin from USA writes:
December 11, 2005
But Al Qaeda's tactics - terrorism and guerilla warfare - are the tactics of insurgents against occupation forces. The purpose is not to exterminate Western civilization by arms, but just to expel them from the Arab and Moslem worlds. Terrorist tactics are indeed an unjust form of war - then again, so is aerial bombing. But the underlying complaint is just.

This view is complete bull****.

Al Qaida is no even close to being a Legitimate Guerilla Army or resistence movement.

It's not like the US had been occupying Afghanistan for years and Al Qaida rose up in resistence, in fact America was a critical part of the anti-Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in th 80's. Al Qaida is basically an islamic version of the KKK, only they are much bigger and more powerfull. Al Qaida kills for the simple reason that they hate Americans, Christians, Jews and all the other so called Infidels. They try to wrap it in the flag of a legitimate Holy War, but really they are just a giant hate organization. I will give you an example. Bin Laden said that our US base in Saudi Arabia was one of the main reasons he attacked us. Well, as of today we no longer have the base in Saudi Arabia. The Saudi's asked us to get rid of the base in 2002, and we did. Bin Laden has never even mentioned that, and he certainly didn't halt his attacks or call an end to Jihad. This is proof that no matter what, the coward Bin Laden and his Al Qaida scum will continue to hate us no matter what. They will always come up with a reason why we should be attacked.

A group like say the IRA is completely different. Although the IRA is every bit a potent and skilled as Al Qaida (probably even more-so) they are not trying to invade and tottaly destroy Britian. The IRA is trying to unite a country that was united centuries ago, before the British invaded. This is a tottaly different motivation. Thge only way to deal with Al Qaida and Bin Laden is to kill them by the thousands and cut out thier hearts on live TV...THAT will send a message to radical arabs about what happens when you screw with the most powerfull country in history.

J.C. van Rooyen from Africa writes:
July 13, 2006
It is amazing how the American people can allow themselves to be misled by a warmonger like George W. Bush

For all intents and purposes Bush should be tried before the Hague international court. Remember a few facts after the '93 war in Iraq.

1. Soldiers were suffering from some mysterious illness called 'desert sickness'. Few knew that the ammunition they were using was made in America by using depleted uranium. The same ammunition was used in Bosnia.

2. Colin Powell on Bush's instruction gave a speach in the UN security council about the seriousness of the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. To date nill has been found countless Iraqi civilians have died more than 2000 American solidiers died and Haliburton made lots of money where the Bush family has financial ties. So too the Bin Laden Family. The only family that was allowwed to fly out of the US after all other civilian aircraft had been grounded.

3. It is time that despots like George W. Bush be brought to account

4. But the biggest question to ask is for how long can the American economy survive without international oil. A commodity that was US$25 per barrel until the US invaded Iraq. Today we are at +US$ 74

Byron cox from Alabama USA writes:
November 30, 2007
Bush a warmonger? I don't know who Bush was waging war against when Islamic nuts killed thousands of civilians.It seems now that Islamic nut apologist blame America for all the evil in the world.Funamentalist christians may be stupid, but i dont fear that they will launch murder/suicide bombers against a civilian population.
As for Bush in Iraq,it was Saddams responsabilty to prove he had no WMD's as per the United Nations resolutions and cease fire agreements.In my opinion Bush did not need 911 to take him out.
The United States was attacked and now the nuts are complaining about our presence in the cess pool middle east.I don't think the U.S. has been aggressive enough!

Well said Devon

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