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Should The U.S. Deport Cardinal Roger M. Mahoney?

Given recent events, this might not be such a bizarre idea.

by Michael H. Thomson
October 3, 2006

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Should The U.S. Deport Cardinal Roger M. Mahoney?
Los Angeles Cardinal Roger M. Mahoney is one of the princes of the Roman Catholic Church with sworn fealty to the Bishop of Rome. The Bishop of Rome is head of a sovereign state – the Vatican.
Mahoney is encouraging his followers – subtly and at times blatantly - to disobey the laws of the United States. Mahoney obviously thinks the Roman Catholic Church is above the law.
During the recent immigration debate, Mahoney didn't urge, but ordered his followers  to disobey any provisions of a pending bill which would punish or criminalize those who would give aid and comfort to Reconquistas (illegal aliens). The law never passed so whether or not Mahoney and his followers would have carried out civil and criminal disobedience is unknown. Nevertheless, why is the Roman Catholic Church so fervent in encouraging (although they deny it) illegal immigration?
A friend of mine always replies to my rhetorical questions with a simple statement. "Follow the money," my friend says. A Roman Catholic Church which encourages openly or covertly the illegal immigration of millions of immigrants – most of whom are Roman Catholic – is going to benefit financially and numerically from this invasion.
If the day comes that a large segment of this country secedes and becomes a sovereign Hispanic dominated state, do you think the Roman Catholic Church would care? Catholics in the United States most likely would be distressed, for sure, but the world body of the Church would most likely cheer. As another friend would say referencing the Church's attitude, "No skin off their nose."
"I would say to all priests, deacons, and members of this church that we are not going to observe this law."
This was Cardinal Mahoney speaking in Spanish to Spanish language reporters, commenting on H.R. 4437, a border enforcement bill which passed the House on December 16, 2005. Within Cardinal Mahoney's Roman Catholic archdiocese there are 5 million church goers. Mahoney commands the largest Roman Catholic archdiocese in the United States. Obviously, Mahoney is one of the more powerful voices in the Church – but is he representative of the Church?
In a later letter to President Bush, Mahoney says, "It is staggering for the federal government to stifle our spiritual and pastoral outreach to the poor, and impose penalties for doing what our faith demands of us."
The Roman Catholic Church has a centuries long history of interfering in sovereignty issues when it suits them. Their weekly masses encourage unswerving loyalty to the Church and promise inherent punishments if parishioners cross the line imposed by Church doctrine.
They have balked at punishing pedophile priests and have been criminally guilty of hiding some of these from the reach of law enforcement authorities. With a worldwide organization, this is not very difficult to do.  But now I'm drifting from the issue of Reconquistas and the Roman Catholic Church.
The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops made a chilling statement in a piece entitled, "Strangers No Longer: Together on the Journey of Hope," January 22, 2003. The statement goes:
The Church recognizes that all the goods of the earth belong to all people. When persons cannot find employment in their country of origin to support themselves and their families, they have a right to find work elsewhere in order to survive. Sovereign nations should provide ways to accommodate this right.
The question of national sovereignty doesn't seem to be an issue with these guys. But, then again, it never has been.
Recently questions were posed to Kevin Appleby – Director of Migration and Refugee Policy for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops - by representatives of The Minuteman Project, Appleby was asked,
Minuteman Project: So, if they [illegal immigrants] have a hospital need, will the hospital worker be permitted to ask them their immigration status?
Appleby: Then you're asking the hospital workers to be law enforcement people.
Minuteman Project: Well, then can the law enforcement people stop someone and ask them their immigration status? Now, the sanctuary laws prevent this for a lot of police departments.
Appleby: Local police ask people's status all the time. But we [the Church] have a problem with local law enforcement being immigration police. First of all, we think it is not the appropriate role for local law enforcement. They have better things to do.
Obviously, Kevin Appleby is living in the international Roman Catholic mindset which does not reflect the views of a majority of Americans who expect figures in authority to check immigration status, especially when illegal immigrants are putting such a horrendous burden on our local, state, and federal resources. These statements coming from a high Church official reflect the arrogance of an organization – as I've said before – thinks it is above the law.
So back to Mahoney, what do you do with a person who is subject to a foreign potentate (the Pope) and who encourages his followers (5 million of them) to commit civil and possibly criminal disobedience against the laws of the United States?
The answer is simple enough; you put handcuffs, shackles, and leg chains on this gent and send him packing back to the Vatican…
Additional Reading: Cardinal Mahoney's Unspoken Agenda on Illegal Immigration;More on MahoneyMexico Cardinal Denies Protecting Priest; More:Dobbs: Keep Religion Out of Politics; and if you  want a full dose, read the source book of choice on this subject: Minutemen: The Battle To Secure America's Borders.

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A Tridentine Believer from Florida writes:
October 3, 2006
It is referred to as Vatican II or as we Tridentine believers like to refer to it as the Novus Ordo (New Order). Vatican II is the sole ruination of the Traditional Roman Catholic Latin Mass. The Tridentine do not mix modern politics and religion - specifically on that level. We obey the church laws (Ten Commandments) and concentrate on the mass (re-enactment of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus). We do not support/promote any of the Novus Ordo practices: During the recent immigration debate, Mahoney didn't urge, but ordered his followers to disobey any provisions of a pending bill which would punish or criminalize those who would give aid and comfort to Reconquistas (illegal aliens). They have balked at punishing pedophile priests and have been criminally guilty of hiding some of these from the reach of law enforcement authorities.

The very few and far between Tridentine Churches are amoung the poorest of the poor, and fear the Novus Ordo. We practice our religion in small out of the way places in abandon/neglected churches (in some cases basements). Our daily/weekly collections are solely to support the Tridentine priest/church. The Tridentine have removed themselves from the Novus Ordo. ite missa est.

Dominus vobiscum

mattie from liberty writes:
October 3, 2006
Mr. Thomson

In my younger years I overheard two preachers talking. One said to the other, I have never sinned. The other preacher said, You have just sinned. On your article of Roger Mahoney..........

Throw them out! THROW THEM ALL OUT!!

A REAL American writes:
September 8, 2007
Roger "Baloney" Mahoney has got to go! Not only does he protect Pedophile Priests, he also protects Illegal Alien scum.
Now he plans to sell a convent in Santa Barbara to help pay off the victims of sexual abuse by the Pedophile Priests. The nuns that have lived in that convent since 1964 will be kicked into the street!
Why doesn't Roger sell his OWN PROPERTY to pay these bills? After all, HE was the one that covered these crimes up for years and years, not the nuns.
I hope someone gets the goods on Phoney Baloney Mahoney. He hides behind religion, but he is really an EVIL man with NO SOUL.
I hope there is a special place in HELL for this "man of the cloth".
If the Catholic Church insists on sticking their noses in political issues, such as protecting Illegal Aliens, they should lose their TAX EXEMPT status.

mothy from Calirornia writes:
January 4, 2008
And just to what place would the Cardinal be deported? Yes, he is wrong in many of his statements, particulary with immigration and illegals. However, as a Catholic, I do not feel that I have to follow what he is dictating. It is not a matter of "faith and morals" and only the Pope himself speaking ex cathedra can force Catholics to follow this ridiculous order. He was wrong with the way he handled the pedophilia incidents and he is wrong now.

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