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Blame It On Eugene

Passing the buck for our imperfect bodies.

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
November 24, 2006

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Blame It On Eugene
Gene Poole is the cause of all
the things 'bout me I hate:
My hair, my nose, my body shape,
my ears, my height, my weight.

And though I've never met Eugene,
I think he's pretty cruel.
Without my knowledge or consent
he deemed I'd be a Poole.

Although I work out all the time,
I'm blessed with ol' Gene's gut.
And just like all my relatives,
I've got his ample butt.

He robbed me of my thick black hair
and my unwrinkled skin.
He stole my runner-lean physique
and left a double chin.

It's Gene who found a way to loot
my body of its looks.
And based on what he stole from me,
I'd call that thief a crook.

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Judy Jansen from Mercer Island, WA writes:
November 30, 2006
Very cute, Greg! You inspired me to write one about my dad, who passed away suddenly in 1981. This starts out kind of serious, but as you will see, it’s tongue in cheek. J

Father “Nose” Best

By Judy Cole Jansen

Thanks, Dad, for passing on the richness of your life, and for your genes as well,

Thanks for living your life with such gusto

But I wasn’t ready to say farewell.

You taught me the value of a dollar, and you taught me to work hard

You taught me how to be tough when needed,

And how to always be on my guard.

You passed along your commitment to marriage and all your handy abilities,

Your love of the outdoors and your philosophy of life,

And taking seriously my responsibilities.

You gave me your metabolism and your dark skin for the sun to expose,

And I thank you for your athletic ability,

But WHY did you give me your nose?!

I’m happy to keep your heart and metabolism, even though it was not what I chose,

I’m happy to keep your spunkiness and style,

But I really didn’t want your nose!

I can’t afford to change it, and as everybody knows,

I’ve tried to disguise and distract from it,

But it will always be your nose.

Well, God knows best about these things, and I knew you loved Him too,

So I’ll try not to complain too much,

‘Cause I’m glad you were my Dad, and to my heritage I will be true.

You passed on so much good to me and in the grand scheme it doesn’t matter,

I hope I do you honor in all areas of my life

But in heaven I want a nose that really flatters!

I hope people can see you through my life choices and know that I was blessed

By a Dad who was everything to me,

And a Father who truly knows best.

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