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A Fast One with Fast Break

Candy bar review of Reese's latest peanut butter and chocolate combination.

by S.E. Shepherd
January 16, 2002

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A Fast One with Fast Break_S.E. Shepherd-Candy bar review of Reese's latest peanut butter and chocolate combination. In the tradition of the legendary Kenneth the Menneth, I have tried Reese’s new Fast Break™ candy bar and decided to report about it. It seems candy bar companies are running out of ideas (how many ways can you serve chocolate, caramel and nougat?). Nevertheless, Reese’s continues to try to reinvent the wheel and find new ways to get chocolate in your peanut butter and vice-versa.

The Fast Break™ is basically a variation of Snickers™, with peanut butter replacing the peanuts. It also has a thin layer of chocolate nougat instead of caramel. The taste is, well, somewhere between the original Peanut Butter Cups™ and a Mars™ bar without the almonds, or perhaps a combination of the two. It’s not bad, but for something to fill you up, the Snickers™ bar still reigns supreme.

Reese’s has come up with many deviations of the original Peanut Butter Cup™; the Reese’s Pieces™ (M & M’s™ with peanut butter), Sticks™ (chocolate covered peanut butter wafers) and now the Fast Break™. So far, the Fast Break™ stays closest to the original.

Perhaps it is the recognition of the name, or perhaps the product is so similar that candy companies don’t want to even pretend that they have something new, but it really bothers me that both Hershey and M & M Mars couldn’t let their new candy bars stand on their own names. Reese’s Fast Break™? As opposed to Clark Bar’s Fast Break? Is there another Cruncher different to the Snickers Cruncher™? This is not like Kellogg’s Rice Krispies™ bars, where the product remains essentially the same. These are new products, and should stand on their own merit!

Those complaints aside, I still enjoyed the Fast Break™ and give it a 3 fillings rating. Kenneth, where are you? The PO needs your wonderful insight again!

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Kenneth the Menneth writes:
January 17, 2002
I appreciate S.E. Shepherd's invitation to participate once again in the small and heretofore underappreciated world of candy bar criticism. I have only now crawled out from under a rock following my review last year of the Snickers Cruncher(TM), feeling that it stuck out like beef jerky in the candy aisle in the midst of this site's leanings toward more traditional criticism and political observation. It's good to know that someone else here understands the importance of the service we provide in guiding the public toward more intelligent candy purchases.

I found Shepherd's review informative and, after trying the Fast Break(TM) out for myself, concur wholeheartedly with his assessment. With Fast Break(TM), Hershey provides a pleasing experience with better results than their ill-conceived Reese's Sticks(TM), but it's far from achieving classic status. Better luck next time, Hershey.

S.E. Shepherd writes:
January 18, 2002
Thank you, Kenneth for those kind words. I humbly follow in the footsteps of a giant.

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A Fast One with Fast Break
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