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The Lion Sleeps Tonight

A tribute to Ted Kennedy: the prince who never would be king

by Greg Asimakoupoulos
August 26, 2009

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The Lion Sleeps Tonight

The lion sleeps.
The den is dark.
The pride has lost its prince.
The liberal's mane
(snow-white by age)
now frames a face that winced.

And though he dreamed
of being king,
he was a prince for life.
The missteps
that had marked his youth,
stole more than
just his wife.

A son of privilege,
Teddy grieved
his family's endless pain.
The tragedies
that marked this clan
were equal
to their fame.

But Edward held
them in his arms.
He was their patriarch.
Though flawed
and scarred
by scandal's wounds,
he had a lion's heart.

But now that heart
is stilled by death,
the lion sleeps tonight.
And those who mourn
this Lion Prince,
aren't labeled
left or right.


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David writes:
February 8, 2010

Sorry, but Ted Kennedy was not just "flawed and scarred." Ted Kennedy was a sinner and unrepentant. He did great evil before God. He had an evil heart that preyed on the innocent including the unborn.

The letter that he wrote to the Pope a few months before his death glossed over his sins and sought to balance them out based on works. Yet the scriptures are clear that our works are as filthy rags. None of us can do one good thing to merit favor with God.

When the just and the unjust are raised on the last day, Ted Kennedy will be found wanting. His reward will be Hell. And that should cause us all to tremble before a Holy God.


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