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The Coming Anarchy

Government power is derived from the people's faith in it; what if they lose their faith?

by James Leroy Wilson
September 3, 2009

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The Coming Anarchy

Is secession ever justified?

Mainstream conservatives and progressives often encourage it in other countries - remember Kosovo - even as they deify Abraham Lincoln for preventing it in the U.S.

But consider what the federal government has done to us over the past century:

  1. Fractional-reserve banking backed up by the Federal Reserve Board - creating a culture based on credit rather than saving
  2.  Relentless meddling in other countries - through war or coercion (forced "cooperation") - in order to expand markets for American corporations.
  3. Prohibition or regulation of inexpensive or superior alternatives to corporate products - resulting in everything from the War on Drugs to the War on Hemp to the decline of small farms and small business.

More could be added to this list. My point is that, for anyone not blinded by nationalism, any of the three provide solid grounds for peaceful secession of the states from the Union. Together, they make a compelling case.

It could be asked if things would not be even worse after a formal break-up. The answer is that no one knows for sure. But some things are likely:

  • The Federal Reserve would be put to an end. States that want to attract business and create jobs would have to figure out a better financial system for themselves.
  • The wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq would end, as well as all of the overseas occupations, and no state would have the ability to wage non-defensive war. There'd be as much reason for terrorists to target American states as they do Norway or Luxembourg.
  • There would be no more federal medical marijuana raids or BATFE sieges.
  • Special interests and corporations would find it more difficult to bribe 50 state legislatures than just one Congress.

But nationalism makes neither peaceful nor violent secession likely. Over the past century the nationalists have effectively instilled their propaganda through public schools and in more subtle ways, such as placing the Flag of the United States in church sanctuaries. They have also effectively persuaded the people that a pro-secession argument is a pro-slavery argument. This is completely illogical, but it sticks. In any case, anyone who loses their faith in Washington DC is certainly not going to place it in Sacramento or Springfield or Albany.

But it is quite possible they'll lose their faith in DC. The American Empire is falling apart. Recall that in the last year of his Administration, Bush was unable to make war on Iran or stand up to Russia, as he desperately wanted to do. The country was simply too weak. And it is weaker now, diverting resources from the failed Iraq experiment into Afghanistan. Just as the USSR's empire imploded shortly after it ended its failed incursion in Afghanistan, the same might happen to the USA.

The USA is also weak financially. It doesn't have the money to pay for Medicare and Social Security. If Obama's domestic plans like Cap & Trade and Health Care "Reform" pass Congress, we will likely see a deepening recession alongside rampant inflation.

If the increasing numbers of jobless see the price of food and fuel soar, we could see civil unrest. If and when U.S. military troops are called in to suppress rioters - whether by this President or the next, whether in the inner city or at Tea Party-like protests - the end of the USA will be all but official.

There probably won't be any secession even at that time. Hard-line progressives and conservatives will still hold out hope that if the "right people" are in charge, things can get fixed.

But the foundation of the political system will be shaken forever. This foundation is the faith which the majority of the people have in the system. Their faith was actually sold by Congress to J.P. Morgan and John D. Rockefeller in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created. More and more of the people are realizing it now, but they're still in the minority.

If the unemployment rate and/or the inflation rate soars, and if the government becomes heavy-handed in controlling unrest, more and more Americans will lose their faith at an increasingly rapid rate.

When people lose their faith in a system they can not control, their only viable option is to drop out of it when possible and game it when necessary. They will seek allies with which to barter goods or services. They will reject Federal Reserve dollars when they can, or accept payments only in cash without reporting the income. A system of bribery based on special favors of "friends of friends" who work for the government will flourish. It might not be as brazen as in third-world countries, but could become equally rampant.

The "cheaters" and tax evaders would be so numerous that the government couldn't possibly catch them all.

Soon, people will form their own schools, as funding from DC will dry up. No longer will the USA threaten and coerce other countries. As soon as state and local police lose federal funding, they will stop providing SWAT back-ups of federal raids.

This future will be anarchy, not because there won't be a nominal government, but because the people will have lost faith in politics and thereby lose whatever trust they had in government. The people will treat it as an obstacle in their lives, to be worked around when possible and dealt with when necessary. But they'll stop voting and stop volunteering to put their lives at risk for the Flag.

This coming anarchy actually exists today. The world is the product of our beliefs, upon which we act. We let ourselves be governed only because we believe the government is more right than wrong, more good than bad. There is no "authority," there is only people with uniforms and guns, and you obey them either because you believe in what they do, or because you fear them. Either way, it's just your beliefs. But the less we admire or sacrifice for the government, and the more we comply out of fear and self-interest, the less the effective the State will be. Sooner or later, alternative institutions will spring up to provide security, legal adjudication, even money.

Even if the U.S. never faces a Berlin Wall moment, the people, by their beliefs and actions, can make the government increasingly irrelevant to their lives. And that doesn't have to begin at some future turning point, it can begin today.

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Jonathan from Knoxville, TN writes:
September 8, 2009
My fear is that if the central government were to break up or lose power, we would see a proliferation of smaller states that seek to replicate the original failure. We should not underestimate the ingrained nature of belief in central government and a powerful State- these things don't just vanish overnight, or even over decades, as post-colonialism in much of the Developing World and the aftermath of the Soviet Union has demonstrated. Africa pre-colonialism did not have the ideological apparatuses to create the messes that were created after the end of colonialism. Things like nationalism and statism had been ingrained in the African elite, and to a certain extent the broader people. Decolonizing the mind and heart is much harder than the formal cessation of a government.

Plus, so much of our society has been structurally embedded in the State- people expect a vast array of services and infrastructure from the State. On the other hand, I do think you are right in pointing out already existing anarchic institutions- this land is still full of them, despite the State's best efforts. If it were not for spontaneous uncoerced organization and cooperation, gray markets and quiet evasions of authority, this country would grind to a halt. The question is whether these non-State institutions and ways of life could supplant the State- or would we simply face new, albeit smaller States cooking up ways to subdue people all over again?

elm from 98801 writes:
September 11, 2009
Governing the masses to please the masses has always been an impossible feat and always will. Rise and fall theory, as in the Roman Empire, is close to the theory of gravity. "What goes up must come down". Of late, it appears that the losing political parties are operating from the theory of gravity and working to tear Obama down. Historically speaking, faith has never been a stationary element in government. As long as humans run our government, losing political parties have an ax to grind and spread falsehoods, faith can not survive. We are now experiancing the organized aftermath of sore losers and the need to unleash their fury at townhall meetings, in nasty letters to editor in local newspapers and lest we forget the Republican Party Senator who yelled "liar" during the President's speech. What is wrong with government that can't be fixed is the nature of the beast and the game.

jomama from http://djomama.blogspot.com writes:
September 18, 2009
Here's to the America's Velvet Revolution!

Any other kind would be a big waste.

Jon from Norfolk, VA writes:
September 18, 2009
I am not going to mention the fact you sound like a traitor, but you certainly are a coward. I am in the Marines, and it shames me and the rest of the country to see you fly that flag on your website.

Secessionists like you always seem to have a problem with fractional reserve banking; always claiming that our banks are insolvent. Do you even know what that means? You think it means they don't have the capital to pay off all their debts immediately. Guess what, by that definition, they are insolvent, and so is everyone who gets any mortgage, loan, opens any business, etc. That definition makes most countries insolvent. But debts are never called to be paid all at once, that doesn't make much business sense for the debt holder. That's like a dairy farmer killing a cow to drain its udder.

The FED only exists for one thing, to control the money supply and inflation, and they have done a pretty good job with it since 1913. It's people like you and their Congressional representatives who have forgotten that. The FED is not there to prop up mortgages, or the stock market. They are not there to strengthen the dollar or insure financial institutions. The economy decides the fate of those things, the only thing the FED is supposed to do is control inflation. It's not the reserve banking system's fault that the average American citizen doesn't know what it's supposed to do. If anything blame the education system or your Congressional representative for creating a debate out of a non-issue.

I am a lifelong saver. My father and mother taught me well. I am against the bank bailouts and AIG bailout too. I think federal spending is damaging the health of our economy. But I don't think credit is evil. Credit is really just the optimism that you or anyone who borrows money is smart and industrious enough to pay it back with interest. Countries that don't have that optimism don't have much credit or much of an economy. There is nothing wrong with responsible credit lending. Just don't put yourself in a position where your family and life depend on paycheck to paycheck.

Paul Bonneau writes:
October 25, 2009
Jon from Norfolk, your arguments are not enhanced by indulging in ad hominems.

You are simply incorrect about banks. It's not bank debts that are the problem, it is deposits. Debts are paid off on a fixed schedule; while depositors can come get their money all at once. If they do that, the banks will run short very quickly.

The FED has controlled inflation? Even by the government's own measurement, today's dollar is worth about 4 or 5 1913 pennies. You misunderstand. The FED was not created to stop inflation, but to inflate. And it has done that. It's given the government piles of "free money" just like a counterfeiter does, and the effect has been the same as if a counterfeiter were operating.

No one said there is something wrong with "responsible credit lending". It's the irresponsible stuff people have problems with. Lending is still possible in a free market system.

The best thing that can happen to this country is to break up into several pieces. The worst thing would be to stay under the yoke of the criminals in Washington, DC.

I don't care if you are a Marine. I was a Marine. It has nothing to do with the issue.

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