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Hitler and Obama Side by Side

by Dear Jon
January 5, 2010

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Dear Readers,

Last week in Sort 410 I made my defense concerning laughing at jokes that are funny: "What is the difference between Hitler and Obama?" "Hitler got the Olympics, har har." That's not a great joke but it's not bad.

I now have this to say to those who, in print, over airwaves or in private conversation, have made serious comparisons between the character and tactics of Hitler and those of Obama, with the goal of alarming the public and creating an atmosphere of suspicion about Obama. This really should be taken up by my actual persona, and not this alter-ego named Dear Jon. However, hint hint, the PO has already published an article by an occasional contributor regarding Hitler's place in history and eternal damnation. Instead of re-hashing the efforts of serious journalism, this alter ego of Dear Jon exists to take the gloves off and treat so-called public issues like this one with scathing, cutting sarcasm.

Let us look at the facts of history. With Hitler, his election by plurality in January 1933 gave him the opportunity to burn down the Reichstag and blame a Jewish immigrant for the crime. This gave him his justification for declaring a national emergency, and within hours of the decree opposition leaders and outspoken critics were arrested. By the summer of 1933, all political parties except the Nazi Party were outlawed and the construction of concentration camps was underway. In August 1934 Hitler used the death of President von Hindenberg to create a one-candidate election, a national poll with each booth closely supervised by Nazi storm-troopers, to ask the German people to allow the constitution to be suspended so that the offices of Chancellor and President could be combined in himself.

This meant Hitler seized for himself the authority to make the emergency powers of dictatorship permanent, all according to a philosophy of ruthlessness and a written intention to demolish democracy that he spelled out and published in Mein Kampf in the years 1924-25.

In American terms, for Obama to behave similarly he would have been in power all of one month before hiring Democratic party hacks to burn down Congress in a conspiracy which would pin the blame on an undocumented Guatemalan migrant worker. Declaring a national emergency, Obama would not have sent a spokesperson to mince and whine about cable news outlets. He would have shut down Fox and "disappeared" Glenn Beck, not to mention Rush Limbaugh. By July of 2009 only the Democratic Party would have been legal. And furthermore, Obama would have needed to tell everyone that taking the reins of absolute power was his plan all along, by publishing it in his book years ahead of his election. The book would also had to have included a heavy sprinkling of racist paranoia and xenophobic hatred.

(Say of Obama's book what you will. Somehow a hate-filled manifesto of totalitarianism does not fit the bill for what conservative Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass satirizes as "hopium.")

Then using the War on Terror and illegal immigrations as his pretexts, Obama would have to go to the Town Hall system to ask the American People to essentially combine the offices of Speaker of the House, Moderator of the Senate, AND, President, with veto powers over the Supreme Court. Those Town Hall meetings  would have to be ringed with an armed Democratic Party Guard, and those allowed to speak would have to be screened in advance. With the exit polls so rigged, the suspension of the constitution would then become his "mandate by the people."

So far Obama is way behind Hitler's curve, what with the Capitol Building still standing and Rush Limbaugh still on the air.

Just how far behind the Hitler curve is Obama? Let us look at Obama after year one of his term: He has 1) tolerated opposition party filibusters on the essential components of his platform; 2) opened up the democratic process to the town-hall system of open meetings, which ran his health-care policy aground despite holding party majorities in both the houe and senate; 3) so far hasn't burned down any government buildings or 4) jailed any elected officials for disagreeing with him or 5) put the people who have inquired about his birth certificate into concentration camps. Quite the contrary he has moved to end torture and the kind of prison that was run on Guantanomo Baby. In fact,  this would be called a "negative curve." Obama is trending in the opposite direction of Hitler.

Good grief. I don't have to put any kind of sarcastic or ideological spin on the facts in order for the contempt to just ooze through cyberspace.

The only things these two men have in common are a) they are men, and b) they are skilled orators. After having a comparatively inarticulate president for eight years, hearing someone speak the language with a measure of elegance naturally arouses our suspicions. Obama is a good speaker! Hitler was a good speaker! OH NO!

Hitler's minister of propoganda, Josef Goebbels, declared that bold, bald-faced lies are a necessary component to legitimizing a regime, because the balder the lie, the more incredulous the public will be that such nonsense could be uttered, therefore, perhaps there is some truth in it. Those who are trying to arouse suspicions that Barak Obama might be anything at all like Hitler, are doing as Goebbels had done. In other words, only Nazis could accuse a black President of being a Nazi.

Yep, I'm talking to you. If you're comparing Obama to Hitler, I'm comparing you to Goebbels.

A Side-Bar to Those Who Are Pro-life and Oppose the Public Health Insurance Option:

One of the agendas at work is the "it could happen to us" alarm of those who believe in sancticy of life issues. Many in this camp, and I bunk with you, are concerned that our culture is drifting towards a utilitarian view of life and that President Obama is helping that along. This surfaces in the "death panel" rhetoric of conservatives opposed to a federal health-care system. Eugenics, sterilization, euthanasia, and abortion form a constellation of issues which, among some of us, invite comparisons to the early years of the Nazi regime. So, fellow pro-lifers, let us cut to the chase on three points. 

1. In an earlier post I already talked about "Caesarization" versus "Nazification" in terms of the drift of federal power and the presidency.  I will not rehash that model here. It is sufficient to state that Caesarization ought to be of huge concern to any traditional "republicans" (including "democrats," since what we are talking about is a democratic republic being put at risk). Caesarization is not the same as Nazification which is a threat of a different kind and more likely in other places than in the United States.

2. If we want to parallel the USA with the recent history of Germany, we need to look between the two World Wars. Bankrupt by war, the nation reduced in international prestige, it experienced an economic melt-down which undermined its democratically-elected administrations from the outset. Already by then, in Germany and elsewhere such as the United States and Canada, a policy of eugenics and sterilization was being employed to limit or control "undesirable" populations versus desired populations. So Obama is more like the "Weimar Republic" presidents of Germany in the 1920's, than he is like Hitler.

3. Right now our death panels are the private insurers. The national discussion will proceed when we all stop pretending that anything else is true.

So, sanctity of life folks with whom I agree about almost everything, dial the anti-Obama stuff down to the issues. Okey Dokey? Don't just throw labels around because frankly, it makes you look and sound stupid and besides, it was a tactic employed by Josef Goebbels and we don't want to go there, do we. Take that as from a friend. None of the rest of this is targeted at you.

End Side Bar.

If a parallel to Germany must be made, then if anything, Bush the Second represents our last Kaiser. Obama is the democratically-elected inheritor of the military and economic mess in Germany's Weimar Republic and is taking hits from all sides in an administration that is stalling out. So IF Nazification rather than Caesarization is our future, it won't be President Obama who goes Nazi on America. It is more likely going to be some blue-eyed darling that panders to a paranoid public majority.

In other words, the ones who suspect Obama of being Hitler-esque, secretly want a Hitler type in power, just as long as he's from the correct party and the correct color.

So to those of you who are trying to insinuate comparisons, I have this to say:

Shut up.

You have no idea how asinine these comparisons are or how stupid you sound when you make them. To those of you who know who I am, if you want to make something of this, you go ahead. You know where I live. Anytime. Or if you feel like you have some complaint to make about me to the people who are my bosses in real life, who credential me professionally, you go right ahead. "Stupid and asinine." Quote me please.

Better yet, instead of coming after me, why don't you turn off FOX News, take your medication and read a book for crying out loud. I've got a list for you. Just tell me when you want to be truly informed.

To my friends and loyal readers: By all means, make this article go viral. Forward it to everyone you know who loves America and can handle the truth, regardless of their political affiliation.

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