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The George Washington of Africa

If one emerges, he would be tarred as a drug lord and money launderer.

by James Leroy Wilson
October 26, 2010

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The George Washington of Africa

A large African nation is ruled by a brutal dictator. One region of the country mounts a successful rebellion and secedes from the country.

How would the United States react?

Our country, which was founded on secession, generally applauds secession movements abroad - despite our deification of Abraham Lincoln. Remember that Bill Clinton compared Milosevic to Hitler and slaughtered Serbian civilians in order to aid Kosovo's secession movement. And so it is likely the U.S. would applaud this successful rebellion and recognize this new country.

Imagine that this rebel leader is not like most third-world warlords. In his words and actions, he reminds us of George Washington. Indeed, he's committed to having the new country adopt the Constitution of the United States.

And he follows through.

A Constitutional convention is called. The new country adopts, sometimes verbatim, the Constitution of the United States. Executive, legislative, and judicial powers are separated. And as time goes by, there appears to be an actual commitment to following the letter of the Constitution.

Our rebel leader becomes President of this new "Africania."

Americans applaud, at first. Finally, a foreign country is doing what we want it to do!

But then American politicians grow concerned.

That's because the federal system is adopted, favoring local autonomy to central control. Pretty soon, the international community expresses its concern that drugs which are illegal in most of the world are legal in Africania.

The President of Africania says that, according to the letter of the Constitution, Africania's federal government has no power to stop the production of drugs, or to ban possession or use of drugs. He goes on to say that even if it did have that power, it shouldn't be used because no government is qualified to prevent people from medicating themselves or from having spiritual or pleasurable experiences with drugs. He quotes from the Declaration of Indepenedence that all persons have unalienable the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

He also is confronted about the monetary system. Africania's Constitution copies America's Constitution, saying that no state can "make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debts." The President also says that while the Constitution authorizes Africania's federal Congress to "to coin money, regulate the value thereof, and of foreign coin," he says that the federal government's silver and gold reserves are very limited and that individuals and banks should be free to transact in any form of money they find mutually agreeable.

The President's statements, made in his native tongue, would be translated in the American major media as defiance of international standards and norms. Africa's George Washington would be tarred as a "drug warlord" and "money launderer."

When confronted about the "backwardness" of local practices, such as girls getting married at younger ages than what the West finds acceptable, the President says that these are matters for the state governments of Africania and he has no power to regulate family life. In the Western media, he would be tarred as endorsing pedophilia and is probably a pedophile himself who provides a haven for human sex-slave trafficking.

If an epidemic or natural disaster strikes the country in this still-undeveloped country, the President would be blamed for "callous disregard" for the nation's suffering, even though he would lack the resources to take immediate action.

Within a year of the adoption of a U.S.-style Constitution, Africania would be branded a "failed state" and its President, thoroughly committed to the liberal values of Western Civilization, would be branded as a Saddam Hussein. Calls would be made for an invasion and overthrow that would give the Africania a more "democratic" Constitution with "social rights" that guarantees a large and ever-present government beholden to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

This would be done because, if left alone, within two to three years foreign investment in Africania would skyrocket since it would be the most business-friendly environment in the world.

And when the invasion is accomplished, progressive and neoconservative pundits on the PBS Newshour would look back on Africa's George Washington and say, "Sure, the Constitution he had was good, but he made the mistake of following it literally."

In their eyes, belief in the rule of law makes you a barbarian.

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Nathan from Black Hills writes:
October 27, 2010
Bravo! A great article, very pointed. I want to distribute this widely.

Egad!! from Indiana writes:
October 27, 2010
A brilliant article. I am reminded of a quote by George Orwell. "Speaking the truth in an empire of lies becomes a revolutionary act"

ELM from 98801 writes:
November 4, 2010
Re - "The President of Africania says," ......... "that even if it (meaning goverment) did have that power, it shouldn't be used because no government is qualified to prevent people from medicating themselves or from having spiritual or pleasurable experiences with drugs."

Self medicating with drugs dates back to Biblical times when desert peyote was the primal drug of choice for spiritual visions; hallucinations for short! Well known that Indians entered dark caves that deprived them of light and senses for long periods of time so as to enter a state of visionary experiance; hallucinations for short!

In the 60s, drug of choice was LSD and MJ. Humans have always sought to alter their state of conciousness in one way or another! Religion comes in all flavors and has also been a drug of choice for eons; altering state of conciousness by induceing state of alpha brain waves through fasting and prayer. Jogging is another means of altering state of conciousness; brings on a hormonal adrenalin rush. Even small children can be seen altering their state of conciousness by whirling in a circle till they get dizzy and fall down. Falling down could be the next ban. Recent as few days back, city of San Franscico placed a ban placed on "McDonald's Happy Meals." What next? Sheezh!

JayLib from Chicago writes:
December 13, 2010
This reminds me of a satiric piece I did for a (shamefully unpublicized) blog several years back:

(blockquote) Dear Sudan:

It has come to our attention that you have expressed concerns regarding the international community's 'slow response' to the civil war, ethnic cleansing and ongoing humanitarian crisis in your country since the mid-1980s.

According to our records you, as part of the African continent, were scheduled a number of years ago for expedited depopulation.

Administered by our surrogates in the West and in your region, our Targeted Depopulation Programme is intended to eliminate 'useless eaters,' thus assuring a greater abundance of resources for powerful First World nations as well as a more manageable global order.

Under the Programme your continent is scheduled for 75 percent population reduction by 2020. This goal is being achieved through a number of means. Debt enslavement to our financial agencies, civil war, ethnic cleansing and squalid refugee camps, as you know, have proved very effective. However, should you tire of these methods, we will see to it that population reduction continues by other means both natural and assisted. For example:

* Birth control and covert sterilisation efforts
* Desertification and drought
* Famine
* Disease (malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS being the most effective)
* Diversion of capital from the production of goods
* Increased debt burden
* (In coastal areas) scientifically engineered tsunamis

On occasion we may deem it expedient to visit your country and express empathy with your plight or grant 'foreign aid,' 'debt relief,' etc. Rest assured that these public-relations strategies will in no way affect your status in our Programme nor delay the expedition of your case. Debt 'relief' will involve mere token sums while aid, as always, will go to banks, dictators, warlords, aid organisations, workers, and Western corporations tasked with 'development projects' (i.e., extracting your oil and mineral wealth, building corporate office parks, etc.). World Bank/IMF structural adjustment terms and loan interest will continue to bankrupt you and strangle the lifeblood from your economy.

We hope that this communication has satisfied your questions. We thank you for your cooperation in our Programme and we regret any past or future inconvenience that may result.


The G-8
The United Nations
The International Monetary Fund
The World Bank
The Club of Rome
The Bilderberg Group

Just Liberty: justliberty1776 dot wordpress dot com

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